Upcoming FABRIC DAYS is no longer possible

Spring.Summer 22 edition planned for beginning of March cancelled

14. January 2021

With the goal to realise a physical event for the fashion industry also in the Spring.Summer 22 season, our team has worked continuously to organise the second edition of FABRIC DAYS. We wanted to repeat what was proven in September 2020 with the sales focused, condensed business format: that efficient work is possible under the changed conditions thanks to strict hygiene and safety measures.

However, FABRIC DAYS planned for the beginning of March, does not follow after the summer months with lower infection numbers as the September edition had, but instead follows the winter months with persistently high infection numbers. Within the last weeks, the infection numbers in Germany and in Europe have unfortunately not definitively changed, which is why the German Government has prolonged and even intensified the current lockdown until at least January 31st 2021.

There are only 7 weeks until the beginning of March – unfortunately there is still no sign that the necessary decrease in infection rates will occur during this short period of time. Therefore, we currently have to assume that there will be no political basis on which trade fairs will be approved in Germany by then. In addition, travel restrictions are still in effect and the health and security of all visitors, exhibitors and service providers is as always of the highest priority.

With the current level of knowledge as well as the experiences from the past months, which serve as the basis for a realistic assessment of further developments in the coming weeks, FABRIC DAYS at the beginning of March is unfortunately no longer justifiable. We feel therefore compelled to cancel FABRIC DAYS from 2 – 4 March 2021.

Sebastian Klinder

“This decision is one of our hardest since the beginning of the pandemic, if not since we started organising trade shows for the fashion and textile industry. To this day we believed that by joining forces we would be able to repeat our success from September. Especially thanks to the numerous exhibitor registrations and the great trust and support from the industry. Unfortunately, the situation is different in the current winter months and has made planning an event impossible.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start

In the coming weeks, we will, true to the motto of the Spring.Summer 22 season “WE ARE ALL IN”, concentrate on providing our long-term exhibitors and visitors with a new basis of information and inspiration and examine the options for the next trade fair.