4 wool and loden experts who produce 100% in Austria

2. June 2022

What does MADE IN AUSTRIA stand for?

Clearly: For the highest loden and wool craftsmanship!

We present four of our exhibitors at the upcoming MUNICH FABRIC START, who have been producing 100% in Austria for generations and will continue to do so in the future: Gottstein, Leichtfried Loden, Seidra and Steiner1888.


The manufactory of noble wool.

Gottstein was founded in 1926 and has always been producing fine, high-quality walk wool in Tyrol (Austria). The family business has specialized in the processing of wool and has been family-run for four generations. From knitting to fulling to quality control, all processes are carried out in Austria – and have been since day one! In harmony with nature, Gottstein attaches great importance to sustainable, regional production, with a conscious focus on short transport routes and premium wool yarns from Austria and Europe. The product portfolio currently includes more than 45 different walk wool fabrics, along with matching wefts that are also produced in-house.

“Sustainable value creation has been deeply anchored in our roots since the company was founded. We secure jobs by concentrating on regional procurement channels and environmentally friendly and sustainable production. Because we are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we don’t do.”

Philipp Gottstein (Managing Director)



The constant pursuit of the highest quality is Leichtfried‘s passion, daily task and drive. For more than 130 years, this has guaranteed the production of the finest wool and loden fabrics in the heart of Europe.

The Leichtfried factory, based in Möbersdorf near Zeltweg in Styria, has been in existence since 1884 and specializes in the production of high-quality woolen cloth and loden fabrics, primarily from extra-fine Australian merino wool.



SEIDRA is one of the last linen weaving mills in Austria and one of the last European companies to combine weaving and knitting under one roof. Seidra’s high-quality fabrics are made from fair, non-toxic and sustainable production exclusively in Draschitz, Carinthia.

Twice a year, SEIDRA develops new collections for the fashion and traditional costume industry, as well as interior and home textiles. The main focus is still on the production of fabrics made of linen, wool and cotton in current designs and colors, as well as fabrics with GOTS certification.

“Why do we produce in Draschitz, Carinthia? Simply because we are deeply rooted here. All our employees come from the region and produce the highest quality fabrics for the textile industry with a lot of commitment and passion. In addition, proximity to Italy is a great advantage for us, since the majority of our refiners are based there. Not to mention the beautiful view of the mountains. 😊”

Klaus Gutenberger & Martina Santner (Management)



The Loden Steiner family business has been manufacturing the finest wool fabrics with great care and love for over 130 years. Loden fabrics are created from the natural and high-quality materials according to old craftsmanship tradition, which combine the Austrian attitude to life with modern design and creative design power.

Master craftsmanship – Made in Austria – natural & sustainable – since 1888 in family hands.

These core values ​​make up the uncompromising quality of Loden Steiner and drive constant further development. The focus is on producing the best fabrics from pure new wool in harmony with nature.

“When we let something get very, very close to us to warm and touch us, we want to know exactly where it came from and what it’s made of.”

says Johannes and Herbert Steiner, managing directors of Loden Steiner (Steiner1888) about the selection of the raw materials and the production site.


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