A Vibe Shift is coming

But then at some point there is suddenly a fundamental break, a completely new attitude to life, a completely different basic mood, a "vibe shift". We are now at such a turning point.

Textile Innovations: Ready To Be Supercharged in 2023?

When it comes to textiles, one of the biggest challenges has been the industry taking on the responsibility to examine its processes.

“How do our actions contribute to the better?”

Various developments can be seen - Very interesting and inspiring at the same time: Newcomers are faced with the decision to join the industry or create their own.

Meet Saitex – the vertical Vietnamese Denim Entity

Global jeans manufacturer Saitex is going vertical as it officially announces the opening of its first denim fabric making
mill in Vietnam.


"We are continuing the positive, motivated and ambitious mood that is evident at the current shows."

Texfash – Interview

Munich Fabric Start is a big event, packed with diverse and distinct verticals within the event ecosystem. See this in the backdrop of the array of exhibitors and the diversity of visitors, and, presto, it becomes an indubitable place to gauge the pulse of the industry and palpable elements that will become trends in the near future.

The New EU Textiles Strategy: 15 Things You Need To Know

Bringing attention to a product's lifecycle, the strategy focuses on design through to end-of-life. The agenda is to kickstart actions that ensure that by 2030 textile products placed on the EU market will be more eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Blue Lenz Denim Video Awards

Announcement of the results of the second BLUE LENZ DENIM VIDEO AWARDS...

The twenties are taking shape

Trendanalyst Carl Tillessen not only observes; he anticipates. As a memberof the management and chief analyst of the of the Deutsches Modeinstitut ...

Back with furore

The organisers of OF MUNICH FABRIC START on the joy of coming together again, the challanges of the present and for the future...

Vifrex Studio – Experts in Fabrics Design and Production from Barcelona

Quick development process starting from trends, colours, and base qualities proposals...

Get your Autumn,Winter 23/24 Trend Forecast now

Trend Book and Color Code provide the ideal basis for inspiration and information for developing your Spring.Summer 23 collection...

Polopiqué – Innovating Textile Production

Polopiqué is one of the few fully vertical textile industries in the world, which has been able to transform production from spinning to weaving/knitting ...

Accessories, ribbons, zippers and more Made in Germany

There are no additionals manufacturers in the DACH region? We prove the opposite to you and present 4 exhibitors from Germany & Austria...

Highest wool and loden craftsmanship? Made in Austria!

100% produced in Austria - we are of course talking about loden and wool of the highest quality. We present 4 manufacturers...

Recycling Textile Waste, Viable Solution or Short term plan?

Game changing recycling solutions to move closer to the end goal of moving closer together and to facilitating circular economy...