CO2 Tex


Revolutionary Sustainability In The Textile Industry

Sustainable Innovations

1. February 2024

Within the BIOTEXFUTURE cluster, the CO2Tex project introduces innovative paths for sustainable elastic yarns. In the context of the overarching BIOTEXTFUTURE project, the Institute for Textile Technology (ITA) and the Chair for Technology and Organizational Sociology (STO) at RWTH Aachen, together with adidas, strive to achieve the transition of the entire textile value chain to bio-based materials.

CO2Tex stands out as a central project within BIOTEXFUTURE, focusing on CO2-containing thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as an alternative to conventional elastane. This project revolutionizes elastic yarn production by eliminating toxic solvents, not only reducing environmental impact but also enabling potential industrial mass production.

The overarching BIOTEXFUTURE project, led by ITA, STO, and adidas, aims for a swift translation of fundamental research into practical applications. Traditional textiles are to be replaced by sustainable, biobased materials, with CO2Tex playing a pivotal role by demonstrating advancements in the development of commercially viable elastic filament yarns from CO2-containing TPU.

CO2Tex’s goal by October 2024 is to establish these environmentally friendly yarns on an industrial scale, replacing conventional elastane. The project not only focuses on technological advancements but positions itself as a pioneer for sustainable development across the textile industry. By integrating CO2Tex into BIOTEXFUTURE, the vision of an eco-friendly and bio-based future in the textile industry takes a significant step forward.



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