Green Threads of Change: Revolutionizing Textiles With Sustainable Bio-based Alternatives

Sustainable Innovations

2. April 2024

BIOBASE, a central project within the BIOTEXFUTURE cluster, introduces sustainable alternatives from available resources for textile applications with competitive costs and properties. The overarching BIOTEXFUTURE project, led by the Institute for Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen (ITA), the Chair for Technology and Organizational Sociology (STO) at RWTH Aachen, and sportswear manufacturer adidas, aims for the transition of the entire textile value
chain to biobased materials.

BIOBASE is motivated by the challenge of dependence on fossil raw materials in the production of synthetic polymers, which poses ecological, economic, and political risks. The project targets the establishment of biobased polymers in the textile industry, demonstrating their full potential. Key sectors of the German textile industry, including automotive, sportswear, interiors, and technical textiles, are the focal points.

Within the BIOBASE project, the entire textile value chain of selected products is traversed. By gradually increasing the technological maturity level from Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4 to TRL 6–7, the industrial production of biobased and sustainable man-made fibers is advanced. Polymers, yarns, and textile surfaces are developed based on applications, considering technical requirements of the industries.

The collaboration between research institutions and industrial partners allows the creation of industrially produced demonstrators, unfolding a beacon effect for the German bioeconomy and showcasing the potential of biobased polymers available in the market. The project also identifies further research and development potential for the BIOTEXFUTURE innovation area, which can be implemented in subsequent sub-projects.



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