Bluezone presents their upcoming show theme: BACK TO THE FUTURE

22. June 2021

It’s about time to celebrate and come together for the reunion of the season. The entire BLUEZONE team proudly invites all denim professionals to our physical show which aims to bring us BACK TO THE FUTURE: BLUEZONE from 31 August – 1 September 2021 at Zenith Areal Munich. It is the feelgood moment we have all been yearning for, personally and professionally which seemed almost suspended for over a year.

We’re calling this edition ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’, because despite all obstacles, BLUEZONE will become a safe and lively home for the industry. A physical platform for all denim experts looking for a way back to normal, getting closer to the touch and feel of textiles, products and all senses again. We can’t wait until the blue community comes together again, to meet and celebrate in person. Our future is shaped by the thriving denim technologies, developments and innovation waiting to be discovered at our show. Globally and now at our shows, we are happy to announce that blue denim is back.

BACK TO THE FUTURE returns us to a time when the future is free to be written – a future with a strong desire for blue denim trends, novelties and a feeling of freedom. Where sustainability goes beyond and against greenwashing to envision the denim of tomorrow. The trends reflected at the upcoming edition of Bluezone touch on the reality of our new normal. We are physical fanatics, longing for a reunion that brings us closer and connected than has been possible in almost a year. Fun invigorates our clothes, our lives and our styles. While fashion strives to fulfil the need for inclusive, gender free denim and looks, paired with a new gaming aesthetic. We dive into a new virtual world and spread the importance to integrate, 3D and AI visualisations appear in marketing even while styles of the 1920’s prohibition emerge in rebellious sartorial styles.

This season takes a closer look at the denim market, how we want it to be a and want values we are supporting. Denim is a democracy yet we wonder how cheap denim should go, how far are we going to prove our commitment to sustainability and are we honest in our methods? The crucial issue of greenwashing has given rise to a hatery that scrutinizes and fights for the better treatment and respect of our planet.

All trend themes of BACK TO THE FUTURE will be presented in detail in the trend forum of the upcoming BLUEZONE from 31 August – 1 September 2021 at the Zenith Area Munich. Don’t miss the chance to get inspired for your next collection and to stay up-to-date with all industry novelties!

31/08 – 02/09/2021

31/08 – 01/09/2021