Meet Saitex - the vertical Vietnamese Denim Entity

Meet Saitex:

Welcoming the Vietnamese vertical Denim Entity to BLUEZONE 2023

16. January 2023

Global jeans manufacturer Saitex is going vertical as it officially announces the opening of its first denim fabric making mill in Vietnam. The new 100,000 square meter facility is located 40 minutes from its cut & sew factory near Ho Chi Minh City where 18,000 pairs of jeans are made on average per day.

The new mill covers all operations from yarn spinning to weaving and to fabric dyeing and finishing. Saitex has announced it will produce 2 million meters of fabric per month, or 24 million yearly, and some 750 tonnes of yarn per month. These new operations have created 630 new jobs and the company says it will employ 1,000 at full capacity. As it has already done at its cut & sew factory, 20% of the jobs will be filled by people with disabilities.

Like Saitex’s “Factory of the Future” in Los Angeles, CA, the new facility incorporates the latest and lowest impact technologies. The mill is equipped to produce yarns in pure cotton or in blends in dual-core, multiple-core and SiroSPUN technologies.

For indigo dyeing, Saitex has installed the Smart Indigo system that pre-reduces indigo via an electrochemical process. This, the company says, leads to lower CO2 emissions by 90%, requires 70% less energy and 30% less water, with oxygen as the only product released. Karl Mayer rope dyeing machines lead to further environmental savings, thanks to fewer dye bathes, and a 30% reduction in indigo and chemical usage.

Other eco-responsible features at the new site include LEED Gold Certified materials for the building, 15,000 solar panels, greywater recycling and rainwater collection systems. A vegetable garden covers 40% of the total site to feed workers and local communities. Saitex says it has also planted 6,000 trees in the industrial park, and has offset its carbon emissions by planting 50 hectares of mangroves in Vietnam, as part of its plan to contribute to climate neutrality by 2025.

“It has been our long-term vision to close the loop on our operations. With the opening of the mill and the upcoming launch of our textile upcycling facility, Stelapop, our vision will be complete. We will close the circle, allowing us to provide unprecedented transparency in denim production and the ability to turn apparel and textile waste into high-quality goods. Our target is to become the most sustainable fabric mill on the planet making fully circular production possible for our customers.”

Sanjeev Bahl, CEO und Gründer von Saitex


H7 – C07

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Blue Lenz Denim Video Awards


The winners of the second BLUE LENZ DENIM VIDEO AWARDS are out now!

31. August 2022

Beginning back in 2021, the BLUE LENZ DENIM VIDEO AWARDS is an annual celebration of creativity, technical excellence and innovation in the denim industry.

The Awards take place at Bluezone, the Munich Fabric Start international trade show for denim, street and sportswear.

The BLUE LENZ YouTube channel was launched in January 2020 with the aim to capture and curate all the latest original video content cover stories, education, sustainability initiatives, fabric innovations and trends from the denim community.

Currently hosting more than 430 videos and with upwards of 1,000 followers, the aim is to shine the spotlight on the best and the brightest blue videos, and recognize the best ones with an awards competition in collaboration with Bluezone.

For those of us who grew up in the era of MTV we recall the launch of music videos.  It was at that time that music and videos came to life and that eventually led onto the birth of the MTV Music Video Awards in 1984.

We asked ourselves “Why can’t the denim industry have the same?”

As a category of textiles that boasts some of the deepest roots and richest of histories, denim has been an influential component of popular culture and fashion for centuries. denim is ubiquitous. Denim has impacted music, art, politics, culture – and that is what we hope is reflected in the content of the Blue Lenz Denim Video Awards.

In an effort to highlight and champion the best in our industry, as well as to credit people and teams behind each of the denim videos, we nominated videos in 8 categories.  We enlisted a group of esteemed judges from around the world to debate and deliberate the winners, and it was those winners that were recognized today at the Bluezone/ Munich Fabric Start event.

Our judging panel consisted of:

Margherita Verlicchi

Michelle Branch
Markt & Twigs

Wouter Munnichs
Long John Denim (NETHERLANDS)

Panos Sofianos

Kara Nicholas
Denim Expert

Best Educational Video/ Series 


Transformers ED Series by Transformers Foundation

2nd place: Kingston University MA Fashion – Denim Project

3rd place: Ever Evolving Talks by Calik Denim

Best Denim Design/ Collection


2nd place: WASSSH! SPAIN IS DIFFERENT by Jose Medina


Best Sustainability - Connection to the UN SDGs


2nd place:  Blackhorse Lane Ateliers – ‘Community Membership’ APRIL 2022

3rd place tie: Celebrating Women at AGI – Women’s Day

3rd place tie: Collaboration with the Textile Institute of Pakistan

Future Forward



3rd place: Advance Denim – Jeans Redesgin

Honorable Mention




Best Overall Video


2nd: Hempy Colleciton by Bossa

3rd : NDM X OfficinaX Endrime

We also want to thank our hosts, Blue Zone at Munich Fabric Start.

Photo images available upon request from the live presentation.

For more information contact:

Tricia Carey

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"BENEFIT CAMPUS 22" Collection


H 6 | B 0 5 & H 7 Charity Store

31. August 2022

With a special thanks to BLUEZONE, SAATMUNICH has collaborated with Evlox and the Influencers @robindenim and @koenkuik with a “BENEFIT CAMPUS 22”- Collection, so you can wear your support for Ukraine in the streets and help fund relief on the ground.

The Collection will be represented at the fair that will take place on August 30th-31st.

The collaboration leverages the respective strengths of both the companies to demonstrate the iconic theme of BLUEZONE “CAMPUS 22”. Modern fabric technology from Evlox aligned with the unique concept creations of SAATMUNICH unveils the modern version of CAMPUS RETRO CLASSIC’s.

SAATMUNICH, an experienced full-service design studio from Munich, specialized in creating individual concepts in fashion and corporate wear since 2015 lines up with Evlox, the oldest denim mill in the world that have been manufacturing denim fabrics since 1846, compelling value for both the companies in signalizing the innovation from fabrics to the designs and their continuous investment in new developments.

The BLUEZONE CAMPUS uniforms are designed as a limited edition, with a purpose to support the charity project „FAIR FOR UKRAINE“. The BLUEZONE staff will proudly wear the uniforms and represent the project on the two-day show. Furthermore, there will be installations and competitions that will highlight the outfits.


SAATMUNICH is an experienced full-service design studio from Munich, specialized in creating individual concepts in fashion and corporate wear since 2015. Led by the creative masterminds and power-couple Thorsten Bulander and Sajna Weber, the studio’s aspiration is to utilize resources carefully and show an appreciative attitude towards the customer and individual. Working with some respectable companies – including leading International hotels & fairs – SAATMUNICH shows to be a trustworthy partner, who is carefully tuning in to their clients, building and shaping perfectly fitting concepts.
After successfully partnering with BLUEZONE since 2016 developing the BLUEZONE outfits with different themes and collaborations biannual, the studio has been redesignated to develop the uniforms for the upcoming show with the new collaborator EVLOX.

The theme being the programmer, the designer duo has drawn their inspiration from the golden decade of hip-hop culture and the sports legends such as Dennis Rodman and Michel ‘Air’ Jordan creating the uniforms which they call the ‘Modern Retro CAMPUS Uniforms’ Reinterpreting the past – ‘WU WEAR at its best!’ Says the denim head Thorsten Bulander.

Amidst today’s technologically-driven design culture, there has been a return to the comfort of familiar imagery and typography. New Retro shows how designs from the past can be updated to suit the needs of today, and this is exactly what SAATMUNICH did for BLUEZONE. The BLUEZONE uniforms feature an airy silhouette combined with the best typography presented by high definition embroidery and application. The oversized unisex uniforms are custom designed for the BLUEZONE staff, where great functional attributes derived from fabrics, and a style fitting perfectly to the ‘CAMPUS’ theme of the upcoming show.

Sajna Weber and Thorsten Bulander, the creative minds behind SAAT:

“We chose the fabric “Evlox – Lewis Smoothic” to design these uniforms. The Smoothic Technology by Evlox is a patented manufacturing process that results in a range of smart denim fabrics with a unique velvety feel and ultra-softness offering comfort that is transformed into maximum well-being. These fabrics earn high elasticity and low shrinkage without losing the original and authentic premium denim look. And what’s more, Evlox, continuing with their goal towards a more sustainable production have minimized the use of water and energy on these fabrics.”


The star ensemble is enforced by EVLOX who is taking care of the fabrics for the Campus uniforms. EVLOX is based in Spain and started as a yarn, weaving and stamping factory in 1846. In its more than 175 years of existence, the company specialized in manufacturing denim, reinventing classics and creating new solutions for the world’s most important fashion brands. Today, totally making over 15 million meters of denim, the people behind EVLOX are still sharing the same passion for denim, striving to the highest quality standards in the fabric manufacturing. Their undiminished passion and investments resulted in multiple patented products and processes, and close relationships with the giants from the fashion industry as well as ‘smaller’ – more niche – brands.

For the Campus Uniform, the design studio SAATMUNICH selected two denim fabrics which were made following the patented Smoothic manufacturing process. The Smoothic Technology, a combination of innovation resulting in a range of smart denim fabrics – with a unique velvety feel and ultra-softness offering comfort that is transformed into maximum well-being. These fabrics earn high elasticity and low shrinkage without losing the original and authentic premium denim look. With sustainability at the core of every step, EVLOX managed to minimize the use of water and energy during the production of these fabrics.

The CAMPUS RETRO CLASSIC’s are executed in both an Ecru and a Denim version and are a harmonious balance of the innovative fabric technology from EVLOX aligned with the unique concept creations of SAATMUNICH.

Help with us – Charity Project „FAIR FOR UKRAINE“

H7 Charity Shop – Bluezone Stage or SAATMUNICH (H6 B05)

With these “BENEFIT CAMPUS  22” Collection you support those affected – and show solidarity.
50% OF ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to the Charity Project – FAIR FOR UKRAINE

SAATMUNICH (booth H6 B05) and Evlox (booth H6 C06)

will be presenting this collaboration in co-operation with the Denim Influencer’s @robindenim and @koenkuik. You are all invited to toast with us at the Bluezone party.

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Get your Autumn,Winter 23/24 Trend Forecast now

Now available: FURORE Trend Book & Colour Code

TREND FORECAST Autumn.Winter 23/24

19. August 2022

The MUNICH FABRIC START Autumn.Winter 23/24 will be staged in the seasonal theme FURORE. Catch the eye, cause a stir and get excited about new worlds like the metaverse, a new sense of community or newly developed organic materials. But FURORE also stands for a bit of frenzy and anger about all the things that are going on in the world right now. Outside as well as inside our common industry, which we do not want to close our minds to, but want to and will face up to. The world is changing faster than we are used to.

Let’s join in; from totally invisible to maximum visibility – let’s far furore!


The key colours of this season are warm, earthy ochre and a digital-electric blue. Natural hues set the tone – cool or warm – along with deep blue, sulphur, and turquoise contrasted with rainbow highlights.

Materials amaze through new extremes – from maximum padded cosiness to ultra-light fluidity. Patterns blow up to an ultimate size and checks and camouflage are oversized. Wool and fake furs offer an enhanced tactile sensation.

Progressive silhouettes make statements with extreme lengths and oversized cuts. Skinny shapes and cut-outs create a sexy contrast, while new coordinates meet ski-wear influences.

These 5 FURORE trend themes as well as the 4 denim, street and sportswear trends of BLUEZONE under the leading theme CAMPUS can be found as a comprehensive trend analysis with detailed colour cards, inspiring materials, moods, prints and styles in our TREND BOOK and COLOUR CODE.

Our COLOR CODE supports you with a high-quality yarn selection in key seasonal colours when designing the colour palette for your next collection.

You can purchase the TREND BOOK and COLOR CODE individually, or together as a TREND PACKAGE for full information and inspiration to support your collection development.


FURORE presents 5 trend worlds for the Autumn.Winter 23/24 season:


Picture credit:


Picture credit:


Picture credit:


Picture credit: 


Picture credit:

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Inspiration & Information for your Collection Development - Colours, Moods, Shapes & Styles



85 EUR



110 EUR



135 EUR

Also still available:



135 EUR


Advancements and Innovation: Who is Busy Solving a $4.6 Billion Problem?

Advancements and Innovation:

Who is Busy Solving a $4.6 Billion Problem? 


Guest article by Muchaneta Ten Napel, Founding Editor-in-Chief FashNerd

20. July 2022

A ubiquitous wardrobe staple, denim is one of the most prevalent fabrics of our time. Developed through the ages, those behind the widely used material are on a mission to transform the global apparel business into a cleaner, more ethical and more sustainable industry.

It is no secret that denim production is negatively impacting the environment.

Still, the good news is that more and more manufacturers, brands, retailers, and consumers are making an immense effort to undertake the issues related to the production of denim. Furthermore, driven by buzz words like ‘sustainability’ and ‘recycling’, many denim businesses are turning to new technologies to help them attain the most sustainable system possible.

When the denim industry becomes more sustainable, we need a new approach. The good news is that the technology has advanced to the point where we can make a big difference in reducing the environmental footprint of denim. Here are some great examples of some of the revolutionary approaches that have been introduced to the denim industry in the past few years.

Picture credit: Ecotextile News

Smart Factory 4.0: Denim’s Greenest Ecosystem 

Crescent Bahuman is taking the denim industry on a journey. Understanding the need for the industry to digitise, Zaki Saleemi, vice president of Crescent Bahuman, believes that one of the ways of doing this is through intelligent decisions supported by data.

Saleemi explained to Sourcing Journal that the intelligent factory is designed to give on-site managers real-time information on shop floor activity and other vital sustainability-related metrics like water measurements. The upgrade is a digitization plan that can help a denim company “get organised, get connected, get insights, and get optimised”.

Another exciting development is that Crescent Bahuman is also implementing the blockchain-enabled PaperTale, which shows the entire map of the supply chain – where the cotton came from, where it was manufactured, and where it got converted into fabric.


Picture credit: Levi

Levi Strauss Educating Customers

Picture credit: Levi Strauss

Levi’s Earth Conscious Robotic Technology 

The majority of jeans are washed for hours to achieve that perfect blue colour, and the result is that the dyes end up polluting the groundwater. Looking back to a time when new innovation was leaving its mark on the denim industry, Levi came up with laser technology that made creating ripped and washed jeans easier and more efficient. 

Looking to reduce the man-hours put in by designers trying to figure out the perfect fade and the time factory workers spend sandpapering the jeans, Levi’s is also determined to lessen the harsh chemicals that give jeans that much sought after faded look.

Biodegradable stretch by Candiani

Picture credit: The Spin Off

Probing the use of Alternative Raw Materials

Exploring alternative raw materials such as hemp or orange pulp in textile production, Lenzing and denim manufacturer Candiani partnered to push the traditional boundaries of fibre production.

With similar environmental goals, Candiani’s biodegradable stretch denim made from Tencel Limited Edition yarns to the game contains 20% hemp fibre.

Again, Lenzing’s closed-loop manufacturing process has provided an excellent alternative to many classics – a new Tencel Limited Edition hemp soft fibre is an excellent alternative to many classics.

G-Star Raw: Pioneering New Means of Production

When it comes to sustainability, G-Star RAW is not only talking the talk; they are proving their commitment by continuously challenging the conventions of denim design.

Pioneering new means of production while maintaining an uncompromising dedication to quality and style, a few years ago, G-Star came up with a step-by-step process of how the Elwood RFTPi Jean came about. It was a process that pioneered a radical new dyeing method which is hydro and salt-free. They called the process Crystal Clear.

Considered to be the most radical change at the time when it comes to indigo dyeing process, the formula, even in its infancy, showed off its potential to play a part in saving the environment.

Fast Company

Picture credit: Fast Company

Science news for students

Picture credit: Science News for Students

Helping the Denim Industry Go Green

Combining economy and ecology, Sedo Engineering’s innovation is helping the denim industry go green. The Swiss innovation specialists have developed smart-INDIGO to help denim brands quickly move towards this sustainable production structure with more benefits at lower costs. Instead of toxic chemicals, Sedo Engineering uses only electricity and caustic soda to dissolve indigo dyes.

Giving out oxygen instead of toxic wastewater, smart-INDIGO reduces water use by 70 per cent, energy consumption by six times and carbon emission by ten times. The innovation is a “win-win solution for our clients”, says Werner Volkaert, managing director of Sedo Engineering.

With 17 smart-INDIGO machines operating worldwide, Sedo Engineering hopes to bring a revolutionary change to the denim industry.

About the author

Founding editor-in-chief of, Muchaneta has worked in the fashion industry for over 14 years. She is currently one of the leading influencers speaking and writing about the merger of fashion with technology and wearable technology.

Muchaneta Ten Napel |


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from international suppliers in our ReSOURCE area!

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VIEW Premium Selection

29 – 30/11/2022

Accessories, ribbons, zippers and more Made in Germany

4 additionals manufacturers from the DACH region

14. June 2022

Piping, cords, ribbons, waistbands and fringes to complete your collection. There are no such manufacturers in the DACH region?

We will prove the opposite to you and present four of our exhibitors of the upcoming MUNICH FABRIC START who produce accessories MADE IN GERMANY and MADE IN AUSTRIA: FRIEBA, GEBE, INDUSTRY PERFECT and INSIDE Textil.


FRIEBA Textilwerk Carl Friedrich: Production

Textilwerk Carl Friedrich – FRIEBA

The medium-sized family company FRIEBA has been producing in Wuppertal (DE) for over 100 years – now with around 25 employees. The location of the company is no coincidence, Wuppertal has always been an important textile location.

The product portfolio includes piping, cords, braids, ribbons, braids and fringes made from a wide variety of materials: viscose, cotton – GOTS certified, linen, merino wool, metallic yarns, effect yarns, polyester etc. Extensive color charts are available for every material. Only certified yarns are processed.

Owners and descendants of the company founder Mrs. Annegret Jarminowski and Mrs. Ingeborg Markowski with the managing director Mr. Uwe Hein.

“FRIEBA has been producing in Wuppertal for over 100 years and is therefore firmly rooted in the beautiful Bergisches Land. Our products reflect the skill, love and time that our employees give the products. That is why FRIEBA quality is inextricably linked with the people who are involved in the creation of our articles. The skills of our employees and the production on site not only correspond to the understanding of our social and ecological responsibility, but ultimately also bring the decisive quality advantage.”

Anja Albrecht, product development and design


GEBE Textil Technik GmbH

Quality from the Black Forest

Since 1988, GEBE has been producing high-quality “labels and more” with conviction and reliability. Exclusively in Pfalzgrafenweiler, the manufactory cuts, embosses, punches, lasers, sews and finishes products made of microfiber, leather and imitation leather qualities. Great importance is attached to the choice of materials: REACH-compliant and certified with the Öko-Tex Standard 100.

The product portfolio includes high-quality labels, piping and ribbons, zippers and accessories, technical embossed and stamped parts, promotional items, products for home textiles.

“Pfalzgrafenweiler: A location for many industrial and handicraft businesses for generations. The proximity to innovative machine manufacturers, etc. is also very important to us and ultimately ensures high product quality standards, short distances, fast delivery times and this all at fair prices. A healthy climate and the attractive surroundings in the Black Forest, good transport connections and the high level of motivation of our long-standing employees – all this contributes to the overall structure that we appreciate at our long-standing location and think that all of this is also suitable for our grandchildren.”

Michael Beichel, Managing Director



As a specialist for ribbons, waistbands, pocket and body linings, Industry Perfect has been a reliable partner to the fashion industry for years. Founded in 1997 as a bandmaker, owner-managed and from the heart of Munich.

Industry Perfect accompanies textile processes from the initial brainstorming to punctual delivery, from the briefing to the sewn-on label. Industry Perfect stands for product and service quality from Germany. Partnership, creativity, perfect.

“Industry Perfect was founded in the heart of Munich. Producing locally corresponds to our quality standards. Precision, speed, short distances, accessibility, quality you can touch – you can only find all of that together here.”

Holger Amende, managing director and owner



Inside Textil GmbH with its subsidiary Emig GmbH & Co. KG based in Großostheim is an internationally successful company in the textile industry of special products, linings and ribbons. Customers include internationally active customers from the fields of clothing, home textiles and the automotive industry as well as medical and environmental technology.

At the site in Großostheim, trouser waistbands, perfo tapes, edging tapes and tapes with print are produced and other services are offered in the following process technologies: cutting processes in various technologies, punching and endless punching, sewing and packaging (endless), laminating of narrow textiles (endless), hose production, bias tape production etc.

“By keeping the production in Großostheim, we can offer our customers the best possible service, i.e. flexibility, transparency, speed and short distances.”

Leander Hein, Managing Director



At the upcoming MUNICH FABRIC START you can also meet the WILDE TRADITION agency, which represents partners who produce exclusively in Germany and Austria:

  • FRIEDRICH SEIBT from Kaufbeuren (DE): Glass buttons
  • Ribbon factory Gebr. Stuhr from Wuppertal (DE): ribbons and trimmings
  • Gmundner Metallwaren Schrabacher from Gmunden am Traunsee (AT): metal buttons and accessories


We invite you:

Network, get inspiration and establish long-term and professional partnerships.

Discover national and international exhibitors at the upcoming VIEW Premium Selection as well as at MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE. We look forward to seeing you in Munich!

Production location Germany: MADE IN GERMANY par excellence

6 textile manufacturers that produce 100% in Germany

23. May 2022

It really still exists: the German local textile industry. The manufacturers who produce 100% in Germany. We present six of our exhibitors of the upcoming MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE, who embody MADE IN GERMANY down to the smallest detail.

Onshoring – Nearshoring – Off-/Farshoring?

The answer to this question depends of course on the location of the sourcing partner company. If both your fashion brand and your production partner are based in Germany, this stands for Onshoring par excellence. Because Onshoring describes the choice of a domestic production partner. Short value chains, short distances. While Nearshoring stands for relocation to nearby countries and Offshoring describes outsourcing to more distant areas, mostly outside of Europe.

Let’s look at these six exhibitors from German textile production: Dresdner Spitzen, Frohn HighTex Group, Handel & Diller, Kindermann, Maibom and Mehler Tuchfabrik.


DRESDNER SPITZEN has stood for quality and elegance from Saxony since 1884.

As a traditional family business with an innovative spirit, the German company develops sophisticated and sustainable lace and lace fabrics, as well as functional knitwear. At the fully integrated production site in Dresden, all production steps are combined under one roof, from design to raw material production, dyeing, finishing and finishing.

With a well-trained team, DRESDNER SPITZEN guarantees the highest quality in all areas. With the Standard 100 by OEKO TEX® and STeP by OEKO TEX® certificates, the top expert proves the long-term implementation of human-ecological product requirements, sustainable and ecological processes and compliance with social working conditions.


FROHN HighTex Group

FROHN HighTex Group produces fashionable and innovative textiles exclusively at the company’s location in Northern Bavaria, one of the most well-known German textile regions. The third-generation owner-managed company has a network of regional partner companies with first-class trained textile specialists.

Sustainability and resource reduction have been anchored in the corporate philosophy of the FROHN HighTex Group for much longer than this became a core topic of corporate strategies in general. FROHN is well positioned for the future and the fourth generation is in the starting blocks to continue the company with foresight, flexibility and a focus on innovative, functional textiles.

“Our aim is to be one of the best in our industry and we can only do this through our network and a qualitatively optimal supply chain with short distances to partner companies located around our northern Bavarian production site.”

— Wolfgang Frohn, General Manager




As a family-run company, Händel & Diller produces on the most modern large circular knitting machines at its own location in Balingen-Frommern on the Swabian Alb.

Subject to ecological and social responsibility, fabrics are created here for manufacturers of underwear, home and sportswear or for technical applications. The foundations of success are innovative and creative products, a pronounced customer orientation, good team spirit and a quality awareness that exists across all departments.

“We remain loyal to the southern German production site because local production corresponds to our social understanding and our ecological responsibility. With the know-how of our employees, the existing infrastructure offers quality advantages, the possibility of economical production and the supply of our customers with the highest possible process reliability. We want to guarantee our customers reliable supplies even in times of more complex supply chains.”

— Helmut Diller, General Manager



The Kindermann company, founded in 1885, is one of the last companies in Europe to refine corduroy fabrics at the Leutersdorf production site, making them stable and stretchable lengthwise and crosswise. Knitwear, technical fabrics and traditional workwear fabrics are also finished. Since 2007, one of the most modern processing locations in Germany has been built here and continuously developed.

The woven and knitted fabrics are sourced from sister company Cord & Velveton, also in Leutersdorf.

Kindermann has also been selling fabrics made from certified organic cotton for over 30 years. The company has also been certified according to the GOTS standard for several years.

With on-site production, Kindermann ensures fast and flexible deliveries and short supply chains.

“If we are faster, better and more reliable than the competition, then Germany is definitely justified as a location.”



Innovation, ability to deliver, quality and sustainability are the four pillars of the Maibom family business. The daily work is based on these pillars, as is the company’s future direction. The Maibom weaving mill refines cotton outer fabrics in blends for trousers at its Germany location, since cotton outer fabrics can be finished here under the highest quality and most sustainable conditions. Over the last few years, the company has positioned itself much more flexibly and can therefore compensate for seasonal fluctuations more easily.

Digital printing makes it possible to produce “on demand” flexibly and at short notice according to Eco Design standards and to react to certain market trends. Furthermore, the capsule “Made in Germany – woven and finished in Germany” sets new standards – a mixture of organic cotton from Turkey and Tencel is used.


“Only the finishing gives the fabric its special character.”

— Fabian Maibom, Management



Tuchfabrik Gebrüder MEHLER

As the oldest textile factory in Germany, Gebrüder MEHLER has been focusing on quality since 1644. The family business is now being run by the 11th generation.

From the fiber to the finished fabric and all with a great deal of passion and dedication.

The yarn for loden / cloth is produced in the spinning mill in Forst (Brandenburg) and the fabric is woven and finished in Tirschenreuth (Bavaria).

The clothing and interior fabrics made of pure wool are individual, customer-oriented and certified according to OEKO-TEX, GOTS and IVN.


We invite you:

Network, get inspiration and establish long-term and professional partnerships.

Discover national and international exhibitors at the upcoming VIEW Premium Selection as well as at MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE. We look forward to seeing you in Munich!

BLUEZONE: The urban jungle vibes

BLUEZONE Spring.Summer 23 #3

31. March 2022

Although MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE couldn’t be realised physically in the end of January, we want to give our beloved exhibitors and long-term partners the chance to present their collections for Spring.Summer 23 online. We are presenting the most inspiring developments, prints and innovations in all our areas: FABRICS, ADDITIONALS, BLUEZONE, DESIGN STUDIOS, SOURCING & KEYHOUSE.

Our BLUEZONE experts ADA DENIM, Bregla Denim, Denim House, Denim Team and Dera Giyim present high-quality SS23 collections, that will bring sustainability into a fast paced city-life. 


ADA Denim presents four core themes: Active Angles, a creative approach to casual wear through multipurpose fabrics that can easily shift between different environments and needs. Core Guides, tech-enhanced structures that encourage an innovative approach to versatile outdoor wear. Light Souls, that offer blended qualities which enable fluid shapes, mood-boosting weaves and purposeful designs. As well as Urban Visions that deliver an array of smart-casual looks that refreshes classic silhouettes.


Bregla Denim

Bregla Denim introduces “The New Modern” concept, a sophisticated collection based on a circular approach with the features of soft feeling and easy-comfort city vibe. The collection includes key elements in between 5oz – 13,5oz, onesize super stretch, 80’s Vintage, Dobby and Undyed fabrics made with sustainable cellulosic fibers such as Lyocell, Hemp and Organic Cotton.


Denim House by Sartex Group

Denim House by Sartex Group is among the leaders in Sportswear and Jeanswear products : bottoms, garments, chino, cargo, jackets and overalls.

Their new Spring.Summer23 colelction, reflects a large use of sustainable fabrics in composition and materials, washed with the latest technologies of lazer, Ozone, certified chemicals and the minimum use of Water and energy.

With the come back to the 90 ‘s, they highlighted the return to denim roots: with comfortable, rigid and slobby construction, more straight and regular styles, it reflects also a wide range of RFD Materials that has been treated in the smartest dye processes. All of that combined with different kind of embroidery and print effects of sublimation, lamination and foils.

Most of this collection has been constructed with entirely digital process from the choice of the materials, designs and washes. It was created virtually first, and then produced physically.


Denim Team

For Spring.Summer 23, Denim Team has mostly focused on climate change and mother nature. The fabric selections include sustainable yarns such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, lyocell etc. Additionally, sustainable washing and dying processes have been developed while being inspired by the new trends regarding shapes and styles. 


Dera Giyim

DERA GİYİM, which was established in Izmir in 2013, is an international textile company focused on trousers, shorts, denim and skirts for men and women. With its innovative approach, Dera Giyim continues to focus on the vision of quality production and timely delivery in the domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, the latest technologies are used as automation and special machines.


Discover more Spring.Summer 23 developments from the BLUEZONE manufacturers in the following blog articles:

BLUEZONE manufacturers convince with the latest finishing solutions

BLUEZONE’s denim trends bring back memories of 90s parties


No BLUEZONE in May, but big visions for Autumn.Winter 23/24 shows

See you in Munich in June and August 2022

28. February 2022

BLUEZONE in May does not take place


With the postponement of our International Denim Trade Show BLUEZONE from January to May 2022, we reacted to the situation caused by the pandemic in an early, responsible and far-sighted manner. The postponement of the date has shown the opportunity to realise a denim show for the textile industry at an important time, despite the cancellation of the January events.

“The short-notice announcement of a further and thus third denim trade show within 20 days and within a radius of 1000 km has caused great unrest and a lack of understanding from the industry and also from us. Since we do not want to get involved in a battle of show dates. In the interest of the entire textile industry and our exhibitors, we have decided to avoid the oversupply of shows and to focus all our positive energy on our core date at the end of August.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

Our basic philosophy is and remains to realise all events according to the well-known high level of our family-run and stable company. Despite the good booking situation and the great support from the industry, this is no longer the case for the coming May with regards to the current trade show calendar. Consequently, the BLUEZONE will not taking place on 3 & 4 May 2022. The next BLUEZONE will take place on August 30th and 31st, 2022 at the same time as MUNICH FABRIC START on the Zenith site in Munich.

Buyers and product managers do not have to wait much longer for the physical exchange in the industry: The next show will be the VIEW Premium Selection on 21 & 22 June 2022. As part of the Preview Textile Show, the first developments for Autumn.Winter 23/24 will be presented in the uniquely personal and professional atmosphere of the MVG Museum.

MUNICH FABRIC START launches independent show concept for SOURCING

And we warmly invite the textile and fashion industry: to the next MUNICH FABRIC START Autumn.Winter 23/24 from 30 August – 1 September 2022 at the MOC Munich and to the BLUEZONE on 30 & 31 August 2022 at the Zenith grounds. For two or three days of international reunion, physical exchange and the establishment of new cooperations. To valuable information and an incomparable spirit of innovation.

The trade show will surprise with an additional hall and a fantastically developed infrastructure – hopefully accompanied by best summer weather. In addition to the areas Fabrics, Additionals, Design Studios, ReSOURCE, Sustainable Innovations, BLUEZONE and Keyhouse, which have been tried and established for years, SOURCING is taking place as a stand-alone show-in-show concept in an independent, larger hall.

This expansion perfectly rounds off the holistic portfolio of MUNICH FABRIC START for you: European all-in-one providers with a focus on Nearshoring present complete solutions for brands, labels and the retail sector in a brand-new ambience. Because on the Motorworld site, directly opposite the MOC, the spectacular event hall of ​​around 2500m² will be used exclusively for Prime Manufacturing Solutions.


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BLUEZONE manufacturers convince with the latest finishing solutions

These denim experts show how innovative finishes contribute to a low environmental impact


24. February 2022

Although our MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE shows unfortunately could not take place physically at the end of January, we would like to give our long-standing partners and exhibitors the chance to present their latest collections to you online. That’s why we’re presenting the inspiring developments, innovations and prints in all of our areas: FABRICS, ADDITIONALS, BLUEZONE, DESIGN STUDIOS, SOURCING & KEYHOUSE.

The most innovative technologies of the moment? Are coming from the BLUEZONE denim experts CALIK Denim, ISKUR Denim, KILIM Denim and TEJIDOS ROYO! The goal of the high-tech finishing solutions is a low environmental impact – thanks to sustainable dyeing methods, 0% water and chemicals usage and the use of renewable energy sources.



Calik Denim presents its Spring.Summer 23 collection by prioritizing sustainability with many innovative concepts and technologies:

  • Dyepro – Eco-conscious dyeing method which is water-free and leads to zero chemical waste.
  • Blue-H – Fabrics which include 20% cottonized hemp.
  • Denethic – Fabrics produced at the mill with rinse, rinse+enzyme and bleach wash effects.
  • E-Denim – Increased recycled content with innovative yarn technology.
  • Re/J – 100% recycled content with both pre- and post-consumer recycled cotton.
  • E-Last – One of a kind power stretch product group as weft shrinkage values stabilised for rigid articles’ standard (0/-3,5%).
  • Selfsized – One size fits most technology.
  • D-Leisure – Very comfortable and loose articles ideal for daily and home office life.
  • Fix-Fit – Power stretch articles with high level recovery.
  • Denovated – Authentic look combined with the advantages of today’s technologies.



Iskur Denim is owned by the Iskur Group which produces its own cotton yarn with the best possible sustainable methods – it uses its own recycling facility and renewable energy sources for pre- and post-consumption to run all its machines to achieve its zero waste target.

Using Iskur’s knitting manufacturing expertise, Iskur Denim has developed the softest denim ever, called ‘’Soft&Breeze’’, with a vintage look that is both rigid and stretchy. To achieve this 100% stretch denim, Iskur uses the newest yarn and weaving technology. Another concept called ‘’Marble Concept‘’ reflects the denim heritage with its soft-touch comfort flexibility.



At Kilim Denim, environmentally friendly production is made with less water, dye and chemical use. In order to create environmentally friendly denim, zero caustic consumption is ensured without sacrificing quality. In addition to these chemical savings, more than 90% water savings are also provided. By applying the Cactus Waterless dyeing process and Eco Flat finishing process, significant savings are achieved regarding pollution, water and chemicals consumption.




Its Spring.Summer 23 collection consists of eco-designed fabrics, oriented to environmental improvement, from the conceptual stage to delivery. Low impact raw materials have been used like: TENCEL, Refibra, BCI cotton, recycled cotton and also linen. The entire denim collection is dyed with DRYINDIGO and DRYBLACK. This means: ZERO WATER, reduction of chemicals and energy. The collection conveys optimism and joy. Colourful, versatile, timeless and comfortable fabrics for everyday wear.


These BLUEZONE developments bring back memories of 90s parties! Discover the denim collections that are bursting with optimism and 90s nostalgia:

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