The Second Edition of THE CIRCLE BOOK is set to Launch at Bluezone

16. August 2021

Collaboration and circularity are the next frontiers in textile and fashion transformation. By working together, sharing ideas and visions, the lookbook and work tool called THE CIRCLE BOOK was first created in 2020 from the ACT TOGETHER partnership between Tencel, Meidea and Officina+39. Meant to inspire new generations of mindful designers, this book demonstrates how it’s possible to create designs and projects related to responsible circular fashion. Download the first edition of the Circle Book here.

Act Together partners: Lenzing, Meidea, Officina+39

Now get ready for the next round of inspiration and invaluable insights with the second edition of the Circle Book, launching soon at BLUEZONE, 31 August – 1 September 2021.

“This year we’ve expanded the project and we are ready to launch the second edition in collaboration with many engaged partners, a team with common goals focused on transparency and circularity in denim design.”

Eleonora De Martin, Meidea

Visitors at our shows can also look forward to the exclusive presentation of the new CULTURE.IN collection. This circular capsule collection was developed by the 10 contributors of the second edition of The Circle Book. An example in circular collaboration, these top players in the supply chain have merged their sustainable technologies to reduce waste production and create clothes which can be traced from fiber to finish.

Not only can brands can find a reliable and traceable supply chain, but it is also meant to act like an adaptable model for their collections and products. The collection of transparently made clothes from recycled and degradable materials will be presented at BLUEZONE, Hall 7, A 19. Register for your tickets to attend our show in person.

Meidea design team
CULTURE.IN garment, finishes by RGT & Officina+39
Meidea work on the creative concept
Samples produced by Officina +39 & RGT

Collaboration and circularity is key to accelerating the potential of sustainability for the future of our industry. But just how did these 10 collaborators act together to divide the roles and responsibilities that made THE CIRCLE BOOK #2 and the CULTURE.IN collection a reality?

We begin with the Meidea team responsible for overseeing design and creative direction, working on the project as a whole to realise the physical production of the denim collection. Officina +39 are the chemical process experts working with their internally developed technology Recycrom to transforms textile waste into powder dyes.

Ribbons and design details supplied by Ribbontex

The collection features a selection of fabrics made from hemp, organic cotton as well as from Refibra and Tencel provided by fiber specialist Lenzing. Starting from RTD or RAW bases, the collections’ unique compositions were created by denim fabric specialists Tejidos Royo and Calik Denim.

The collection also features labels and ribbons supplied by Ribbontex made from biodegradable materials from recycled plastic bottles, cottons and polyester as well as eco leathers, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and hemp. Buttons and rivets were supplied by Spring 85 including steel buttons made in 100% re-used processing waste.

Rivet and button selection by Spring 85

Finally, Dr Bock Industries were the garment specialists responsible for construction using yarns provided by Crafil. In the final stages, RGT laundry experts put the finishing touches on the garments featured in the CULTURE.IN capsule collection.

A truly impressive example in successful, circular collaboration. But what does the collection look like? Attend our next show to find out and experience the collection in person. Plus learn more about this project during our following events:

Tuesday, 31 August from 1:00 – 2:00 pm at Hall 6:
KEYHOUSE – The Civic Makers: Local Manufacturing – a reality or just a temporary green gimmick?

Panel Discussion on Automation & Digitisation

Tuesday, 31 August from 4:00 – 4:30 pm at Hall 6:
The Circle Book – Press Conference on

ACT TOGETHER – Collaboration for Circularity in The Circle Book 2

Wednesday, 1 September from 4:00 – 5:00 pm at Hall 6:
The Circle Book – Panel Discussion on

How to create a transparent and valuable supply chain by acting together

The Circle Book #2

31/08 – 02/09/2021

31/08 – 01/09/2021

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