29. March 2021

As we enter a new decade of denim, we see how the ongoing current global crisis does not limit us, we keep each other safe as it keeps us in but WE ARE ALL IN this together. Our denim world is shaped by the world’s reactions, anticipations and innovations. We look forward with strength and prospects for what we achieve today.

The five denim trends reveal the blueprints for a new physical and digital future, our new ‘phygital’ world. A new urbanity shows us a life in harmony with Mother Earth. Ethnic influences brought back from world travels are key to understanding what will nourish us and without a doubt, blow our denim heads in the upcoming seasons.

The BLUEZONE Trend Team presents the 5 trend themes for WE ARE ALL IN:

NEW GROUNDS the growing importance of new playgrounds for denim

PHYGITAL DENIM created for the makers and workers of our future

BEAUTY OF NOTHING discovering the beauty in things which do not change

WORLD TRAVELLING memories of world travels and souvenirs nurture our minds and fantasy

YOUNGTIMERS finding a fresh beauty in the old styles of yesterday


– Urban moves to the countryside, new « utility needs »

– Country is in…new earthy poetry

– Durable quality vs objects of consumption

– Fashion food…denim in the kitchen, cookware and utensils

– Vegan denim…patches & trims

– Interior design…objects, vases, home furnishings & denim furniture