Answering to the theme of innovation driven by THRIVABILITY, MUNICH FABRIC START has developed a new icon guidance system with which all material highlights presented in the trend forums are marked according to their sustainable as well as technical functions. In this way, trade fair visitors can quickly and clearly see what additional product features and functions the shown fabrics and ingredients have.

Each of the 44 icons indicates a specific characteristic related to the sustainability or performance of the respective product. With the help of these icons, manufacturers can highlight the added value of their products and at the same time make it easier for interested buyers to navigate through the increasingly vast range of products on offer.


“With our new icon guidance system, we are highlighting the interface between contemporary aesthetics and invisible but important advanced product features. In doing so, we see MUNICH FABRIC START neither as a certification body nor an audit agency – for the given classification, we rely on the information and honesty of the respective supplier of the corresponding samples. We are thus taking an important step towards information, transparency and responsible action in the interest of the industry.

Jo Baumgartner, Fabrics & Trends MUNICH FABRIC START


In this sense, all specific properties such as eco-labels, social standards, performance indicators, limit values, chemical ingredients, etc. must be verified again with the respective provider. In the trend forums at MUNICH FABRIC START, you will find the icon legend with the corresponding explanations and meanings behind all of the icons.