Munich Fabric Start presents the new Autumn.Winter 22/23 seasonal theme: RISE

14. June 2021

Autumn.Winter 22/23 welcomes a new world of connectivity. The guiding theme and dedicated focus for the upcoming edition of Munich Fabric Start celebrates and perpetuates the meaningful connection to unite the industry under the seasonal title ‘RISE’.

A reality bound by a global pandemic stirs the industry to reinvent itself once again. New perspectives bring us closer together and give rise to dreams, visions and collections that brighten and uplift our world. Emotion is infused in our future as we seek out joy and comfort with a warmed sense of connection.

Sensitive and in tune with our surroundings, we are in close touch with our haptic senses as we long for connection on many levels. We are reassured by our analog experiences as we explore the feel and the nature of our tactile world. Be it material or emotional, our textiles reflect a kind of lightness, expressing the joy of celebration and party, we let go and are entertained. A collaborative spirit drives our digital world as we network using 3D technology – we excel our visions, planning and design processes to reach new levels.

With RISE, we strengthen what unites us as part of a global thrivability movement. Holistic and transparent concepts, from fiction to reality, guiding a path towards circular economy, from fiber to fiber. We witness the fusion of nature and technology as hemp becomes the new mainspring for natural fibers and materials. Education plays an important role in the development of anti-greenwashing, climate-friendly visions and inclusion of looks, gender and body shapes, as well as new modular models in order to be able to react more flexibly to the market. All of which embrace the growing feelings that less is more, better quality is more.

We define our limits in order to push beyond them. Pragmatic solutions lead us to discover the joy in reduced colours and collection materials. Thinking beyond what was previously possible. We move forward with digitization, enjoying its advantages with a relaxed ease and assurance we ultimately bring us closer with our natural world.

31/08 – 02/09/2021

31/08 – 01/09/2021