"Sunkolor" by Panorama Fabrics - The Textile UV Indicator


12. April 2022

With climate change still gathering momentum, the intensity of the sun’s invisible UV rays is also increasing. The problem: the intensity is not visible to the eye. The result: sunburn and damage to our skin that sometimes only appears years later which makes it all the more important to protect our important organ.

Exactly this is possible with Sunkolor. The material helps to visually perceive sun exposure and to establish a healthy relationship with it as a result. The technology Panorama Fabrics, the material driven Design Studio from Berlin, manages to make UV rays visible. For this purpose, Sunkolor yarns, which are produced in Germany, are woven into textiles.

When exposed to sunlight, the colour of the material changes thus indicating the dangerous UV index range. The change of colour makes it immediately clear once the situation becomes critical. In the first step, the yarns will be attached in labels to hiking backpacks. In the long term, a variety of different or outdoor garments will be made from this yarn.

The vision:

Create new tools to adapt in a changing environment caused by climate change.

Panorama Fabrics studio aims to contribute with its own products and pioneering designs to highlight the possible interaction between textiles, humans and our climate. Research is being carried out on innovations to make more people aware of the effects of climate change and at the same time support them in dealing with it. The two founders, Gabriela Kapfer and Karina Wirth, share a fascination for different materials and a passion for interdisciplinary collaboration, which enables them to create something new and progressive together.

“Sunkolor makes the invisible visible to create awareness.”

– Gabriela Kapfer & Karina Wirth

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