Inspired by artisanal tradition in Italy, Officina+39 is an innovative chemical company based in Bella, Italy. It is the result of 30 years of experience in research and chemical application in the textile sector. Officina+39 focuses on the development and implementation of new and sustainable ideas for the denim industry and environmentally friendly dyeing processes.

Officina means workshop in Italian, but it also stands for passion, innovation, sustainable practices, transparency and social responsibility. Looking to the future, the company combines tradition with modern products and technologies. Their latest process developments will be presented on the 3rd to the 5th of September at KEYHOUSE.

TRUSTAINABLE™: Respect and commitment become an ethical mindset. In production control, Officina+39 ensures the use of less hazardous chemicals, minimizing the impact of surrounding environments, recycling waste, reducing power usage and water conservation. Officina+39 sees one of the greatest challenges in creating transparency. That’s what TRUSTAINABLE ™ stands for.

NEBUDYE: WATER-FREE Vintage Colouring

NEBUDYE is an innovative process used in combination with selected dyes to create original vintage colouring. This makes NEBUDYE one of the world’s first waterless dyeing processes with the nebulization systems. So far, only a non-uniform appearance was possible with the fogging systems (comparable to the cold pigmentation CPD). NEBUDYE opens up new possibilities in textile dyeing technology. NEBUDYE guarantees a perfect penetration into the garments and ensures a uniform vintage style.

SMART BLEACH: Water-saving bleaching technology

SMART BLEACH is an innovative bleaching technology for Nebulization systems. This innovative technology was specially developed to replace the traditional chlorine (or potassium permanganate) used in denim bleaching in washing machines. By using SMART BLEACH with misting systems, it is possible to bleach indigo denim and black denim to reduce water consumption by 90%.
SMART BLEACH can be used in combination with NOVASTONE NEBU, a new enzyme certified by Novozymes DeniSafe®, which ensures the safe use of enzymes in new low-pressure washing machines with mist technology. SMART BLEACH can also be done with a new biodegradable REDUCER KM ECO neutralizer.

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MUNICH FABRIC START: 3-5 of September 2019