Additionals Spring.Summer 23 #5

26. April 2022

Although MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE couldn’t be realised physically in the end of January, we want to give our beloved exhibitors and long-term partners the chance to present their collections for Spring.Summer 23 online. We are presenting the most inspiring developments, prints and innovations in all our areas: FABRICS, ADDITIONALS, BLUEZONE, DESIGN STUDIOS, SOURCING & KEYHOUSE.

These Additionals’ developments by KAHAGE-Butonia Group, Landes Lederwaren, Panama Trimmings and REBIL Group Labeling & Packaging are a true explosion of colours. The newest collections of buttons, materials, trimmings & Co. include bio-based, plastic free, pure-dyed and 100% vegan materials.


KAHAGE-Butonia Group tries to escape reality for the Spring.Summer 23 season and presents new creative possibilities. A collection that, in addition to light and trendy polyester shapes, also largely consists of various recycled and organic materials. The focus is on the integration of eco and natural materials in classic summer shapes, as well as colorful and bold polyester, nylon and zamak buttons. All in all, a summery mix that invites you to dream.

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Medike Landes’ Spring.Summer 23 collection intends to express personality and spirit through unique materials and creative finishing techniques. The global manufacturer of labels, trims, and accessories is proud to market and sell MIRUM™, a 100% bio-based plastic-free material available in a wide range of textures and colours. MIRUM is a high-performance solution for designers and brands looking to decrease their CO2-footprint and expand their creative palette. Landes also offers belts for men, women and kids in different price levels with BSCI, ISO and LWG certificate.



BLUE WOAD: a colour full of history! The color Blue has a very long history while the woad have played a key role for the spread of blue dyeing. Ancient Egyptians were the first to use it to obtain blue color. Nowadays, going back to the origins, Panama Trimmings is searching alternatives for synthetic colors which are polluting and harmful. Woad matches the need of natural, traditional, and pure dyeing.



As one of the most innovative labels and packaging producers for global fashion brands for over 70 years, REBIL Group now produces with the environment in mind by offering plant-based and 100% vegan raw materials from OLIVE industry waste. The goal? To provide sustainable and customisable silicon and leather fashion labels as well as other leather products.


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