The VIEW Premium Selection, with its selected portfolio of 400 groundbreaking collections, provides an early information pool for first, meaningful tendencies for the coming season. Numerous buyers, predominantly from Europe but also from abroad, used the opportunity again on 16 and 17 July 2019 to get a first and comprehensive overview of the trends for Autumn.Winter 20/21. We would like to briefly introduce the most important topics here:

At the Preview Fair, there was a new focus on weaving furs, plush qualities and velvet. New fur looks are also achieved through jacquards or bonds. In addition, other important topics include woolly knitwear and hairy and frayed textures. The corduroy and velvet offers, which have been much discussed in recent seasons, were even more in demand this time, even with a broad, fashionable rib. For heavy, wintry jacket types and overcoats, Boild Wool qualities were in discussion. Especially in the outdoor area, the successful functionality often comes into play via water-repellent finishes or breathable membranes, while the looks may remain quite classic to rustic. In addition to traditional winter darks from gray, brown to blue, the color spectrum will be renewed this coming winter with curry, spice and warm yellows and golds. The printers continue to focus on large, repeat prints, albeit partially reduced in their colourfulness.

Sustainability proved to be the all-encompassing topic and has found its way into many collections or providers have significantly expanded their share of sustainable products. In addition to classics such as organic cotton, regenerated fibers have also been used, especially in the form of recycled polyester or recycled cotton.

Appreciation, reflection and awareness of the global whole also have a strong impact on the textile sector. At the same time, individual needs are expressed through highly visual themes or reinterpreted casual, street or classic style looks. Fashion thus remains in the field of tension between ideologically conditioned paradigm shift and the possibility of expressing the individual personality.

Many of the collections presented at VIEW will now be further revised in the coming weeks and presented at the MUNICH FABRIC START in September 2019, at which a total of around 1,000 suppliers will present their Autumn.Winter collections.