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18. April 2023

A strong start to the season in July, order decisions at short notice in September

MUNICH FABRIC START Exhibitions GmbH offers one thing above all with the positioning of its trade show formats in terms of dates and content for sourcing for Autumn.Winter 24/25: full flexibility.

In future, the July date will be used by the international fabric trade show MUNICH FABRIC START with KEYHOUSE, THE SOURCE and BLUEZONE as an impulse generator; the September date will remain an important time for follow-ups and for picking up on new and short-term market developments with reVIEW, the new concept of the VIEW PREMIUM SELECTION.

With a current booking level of almost 90% for the international fabric trade show MUNICH FABRIC START, KEYHOUSE, THE SOURCE and BLUEZONE, Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH is starting the new season for Autumn.Winter 24/25 on a strong footing. From the organisers’ point of view, the main reason for the high level of acceptance from internationally important fabric and trim exhibitors, renowned agencies, top European weavers and textile designers is the rebalancing of the July dates.

Previously, the VIEW PREMIUM SELECTION had taken place at the end of June/beginning of July with a selective choice of high-quality fabric and accessories collections. From 18 to 20 July 2023, the Munich-based trade show organiser will now successfully occupy the early date for the first time with the full power as one of Europe’s leading fabric trade shows: the international fabric trade show MUNICH FABRIC START (18 to 20 July), the innovation hub KEYHOUSE, the one-stop sourcing platform THE SOURCE and the international denim trade show BLUEZONE (18 and 19 July) will move ahead and at the same time increase their relevance in the international trade show scene.

For a large part of the visitors, the earlier date is closer to the collection rhythms and offers more time for further developments. Same goes for the BLUEZONE community and the denim business anyway – the approval for the July date could hardly be greater, which makes the organisers particularly happy on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of BLUEZONE as the first denim dedicated trade show.

Important exhibitors – including returnees – such as Ballesio, Cadica, Discovery Denim, East & Silk, Fauck, Lanificio Campore, Mapel, Naveena Denim, Pricoh’s, Sintopel, Sourcetextile, Studio 9, Taiwan Textile Federation and YKK as well as new entries like Esdigital, IBERIS Lda, Jeanius, Jersey Print Factory, Lucky Textile Group, Marjomotex, Neelams Itl, Splash by Lo, Victor Texteis or Wouters have already confirmed their participation along with many others.

“The strongest and most professional trade show for our segment clearly accommodates our development traits with its date. This date is much closer to our rhythms and, with its strong exhibitor portfolio, MFS has considerably more influence on the creation of our collections.

Especially for Bluezone – a unique, creative and inspiring space for us every time – the date is very convenient as it offers more time for washing developments and creative elaborations. With their ideas and implementations, the MFS & Bluezone team always has its finger on the pulse of time which enables us to incorporate additional inspirations into our work”

Michael Seiter, Head of Product Division Denim & Chino, HOLY FASHION GROUP

What’s new?

Due to the early date of MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE, the Munich trade show duo with KEYHOUSE and THE SOURCE formats will function even more strongly as an impulse generator and leading international event. The Munich location will also be strengthened by the relocation of the DMI Fashion Day from Düsseldorf to the Bavarian capital. In order to create maximum synergies in terms of travel times and travel costs, the first DMI FASHION DAY LIVE after the pandemic-related interruption will take place the day before the next MUNICH FABRIC START at the MOC.

The course will also be set anew in September: The date, which remains important for the industry, will in future be occupied by reVIEW – the new format of the VIEW PREMIUM SELECTION for follow-ups and highly topical, short-term trends as well as new market developments. On an area of around 2,500 square metres, the first reVIEW Autumn.Winter 24/25 will be held on 13 and 14 September 2023 on the Zenith grounds in Motorworld. With its gigantic dimensions and spectacular architecture, the listed location is one of the largest cantilevered historic steel halls in Europe.

“Trends are short-term and more fast-moving than ever. The presentation and ordering rhythms are constantly shifting. There is no one right time. With two highly relevant dates in July and September, we offer the market security and reliability on the one hand and full flexibility on the other”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START Exhibitions GmbH

“The feedback from the textile industry as well as from international brands confirms that we have placed the right offer. Both events have great potential and complement each other perfectly. We support the market by offering the right platform at the right time to bring the relevant players together. And we do this without overlapping with other international trade show formats of the fashion business.”

Frank Junker, Creative Director der Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH

Strong encouragement from the fashion industry

The response is extremely positive, not only from exhibitors but also from international designers, product managers and buyers. In a tense market situation, MUNICH FABRIC START shows strength, forwardlookingness and reliability. MUNICH FABRIC START is the start of the new season and the most important show for early trend information.

“The MUNICH FABRIC START is of great importance for our work – to be more precise, it is indispensable!
The earlier the deadline, the first input for the new collection, the more precise and pointed the result.
reVIEW also remains relevant at the new, later date and supports our dynamic design process.”

Katerina Grigoriadis, Head of Design DayDream, MAC Mode GmbH & Co KGaA

“For our team, the new season starts with the MFS. We always take our inspiration from the colours, the forum and the exhibitors and work out our concepts for the collections accordingly. The exchange with producers and exhibitors is also indispensable and both,
MFS and View are a great platform to do so.

We discuss new themes but also previous orders. Meeting everyone at the same time and place in person is a great added value for our cooperation. In the past, we did this in Paris at PV, however this has been completely replaced by MFS.”

Tülay Önder, Head of Product Design, HALLHUBER

“For us, Munich Fabric Start is the most important trade show for preliminary information, for aligning the collection and for matching materials. Next to Milano Unica, it is the most important sourcing show. We welcome the earlier date of Munich Fabric Start very much. Instead of View, it will now be the most important show for us to get information early. We are excited about the process and are looking forward to it.”

Gerhard Kränzle, CEO, HILTL Hosen-Manufaktur GmbH

“The Munich Fabric Start is always an important milestone in our collection development. We are particularly interested in the trend themes and colours, which we compare with our developments to confirm or adapt them accordingly.

We are very keen to attend lectures on relevant topics such as sustainability, CAD, fair labour standards and always look forward to meeting your stars like Li Edelkoort.

The earlier date suits us very well. As knitters we already start with the new colours mid-May so the new date actually fits better into our schedule. A visit to the VIEW is a must in any development process. Since it will now take place in September, we will definitely visit this small and fine.”

Melanie Geyer, Senior Designer Knitwear, MAERZ München

“In my point of view, the early date is a meaningful step. I am pleased about the early overview & choice of collections. I also welcome the fact that flat weave and denim suppliers are brought together at this time. The September event has to prove itself and depends on the new & further developments of the collections. We appreciate both events to date and will continue to use them in the future.”

Michael Willems, Produktmanager, ALBERTO GmbH & Co. KG



(18. – 20.07.2023)

(18. – 19.07.2023)


(13. & 14.09.2023)


(28. & 29.11.2023)


(23. – 25.01.2024)

(23. – 24.01.2024)

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18/07 – 19/07/2023


18/07 – 20/07/2023


18/07 – 19/07/2023

VIEW Premium Selection: leading the way

VIEW Premium Selection: leading the way

2. December 2022

The VIEW Premium Selection in Munich has successfully opened the Spring.Summer season 2024. In a tense market environment, the exhibiting weavers, producers and accessories manufacturers and their around 300 pre-collections positioned themselves with strong trend statements and solutionoriented new developments. Providing confidence and trend-setting answers in uncertain times was the overriding theme.

Numerous buyers, designers and product managers from European ready-to-wear manufacturers came to VIEW to find out about the latest trends at the earliest possible opportunity, including:


From robust natural materials in contrast to shimmer, glitter, stretch and mesh in a colour spectrum ranging from light natural tones and off-white to pastel, bright power colours and warm, reddish purple and brown tones to black: yesterday, Wednesday, the VIEW Premium Selection came to an end after two days at the MVG Museum in Munich. There, international producers kicked off the new season with their approximately 300 pre-collections and presented their new material developments and colours for Spring.Summer 2024 at the Preview Textile Show organised by Munich Fabric Start GmbH.

The focus was on materials that evoke emotions on both a visual and tactile level. For styles that range from super sexy, sheer and tight, to classical suit looks and extremely wide cuts, to workwear elements. “Whether it’s fashion, design or gender, this season is about finding more optimism and harmony. In menswear, gender identity and sensuality meet boundless imagination and become an integral part; in womenswear, we confidently and uninhibitedly emphasise all facets of femininity. From glamour to easy going – it’s all about expressing our personality and uniqueness. The trend is towards a casual attitude; sexiness becomes practical and is found either in workwear or in functional styles. The colour palette ranges from muted whites and greys to eye-catching, summery reds and rich pinks or bright yellows,” confirms Karin Schmitz, Business Development Director of the Trendforecast Institute Peclers Paris at VIEW in Munich.

A time of upheaval

The fact that the market is in a state of upheaval and companies are facing major challenges and changes were topics in many conversations. “There is great uncertainty in the market. The, let’s call it ‘political game’, is not making it easy for European producers. Energy costs have increased nine to tenfold here in Slovenia. Politicians must finally find an overarching European solution to support companies,” says Tomaz Bavec, Area Sales Manager, Tekstina. Ralf Laufenberg, Sales Manager of Yünsa, also notices that decisions are being made more in favour of price: “For almost every article we offer, we have had a sustainable alternative for about three years. However, in order to be able to maintain corner price ranges, many are opting for the cheaper offer at the moment. Nevertheless, I am convinced that sustainability will become the standard.”

„To differentiate oneself, to create optimism with new developments and, above all, to move forward with
new concepts – these were the answers for many.
This is also true for us as a trade show organiser. With our
new reVIEW and preVIEW concept, we are positioning ourselves anew and close to the market.”

Frank Junker, Creative Director der Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH

„The tension among the exhibiting companies was palpable – high energy costs are leading to price discussions and market shifts.
Against this backdrop, it was all the more surprising how good the mood at the VIEW was in the end.
The companies are succeeding in finding intelligent answers, that meet the challenges of the market.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH

New haptics, optics and innovative further developments

The exhibiting producers’ pre-collections clearly showed their intentions to create something fresh and surprising and to convince with new qualities and fabric developments. Water colours, tie-dye and blurred floral prints contrast with geometric prints with stripes, cubes and triangles. The more interesting and new the surfaces, the better: from grippy, structured, coated materials in contrast to delicate, transparent, net-like fabrics or smooth, shiny, ultra-light surfaces.

“It’s still too early in the season to say what topics the market is going for spring/summer 2024. We are very much focusing on geometric dessins as square tile prints or ethnic graphics interpreted in completely different ways. Watercolours, batik and big blurred floral prints are another important topic. Green, orange, purple and brown tones with neon colours as a highlight are already well discussed,” says Mariangela Magri, Sales Manager, New Concept  (TTG Textilagentur Thomas Geiger).

Linen is also surprisingly in demand from the German market – in a mix with cotton, polyester or wool or as a monofibre. Stable or flowing soft – the typical linen look remains – but is also broken up by surprising effects. “In addition to compact cotton items, we are focusing strongly on linen for the summer – mixed with cotton or other natural fibres. With this, for example, we are implementing new indigo-dyed jacquards in a denim look with a super-soft feel. With shiny finishes on cotton jacquards, we achieve shiny effects in a leather look,” says Alessandra Schiera, Sales Manager, Destro (Agentur Sauer Textil).

In contrast to this many of the collections present delicacy and transparency, innovatively interpreted. “We combine ancient techniques with new innovative technologies: silk crepe with pigment prints, tie-dyes with modern dyeing technology. Laser cuts and holes for transparency and sexiness, ultra-light ripstops interwoven with solid thick yarns, coated plisses, metallic and fotosensoric fabrics,” says Matteo Ramundo, Sales Manager, Serates (Agentur Fuhrmann).

New developments also focus on bio-based, recycled, biodegradable materials or even first circular concepts. They are becoming more and more an integral part of the collections. Accessories are, as always, the pioneers here with leather alternatives based on cactus, mycelium, pineapple, apple or olive seeds. Organic cotton and organic linen or Tencel are an integral part of the Spring.Summer 2024 collections. Recycled polyester is more in demand than ever, confirms General Manager Andrea Ambrosini of Limonta, among others: “Recycled fabrics are more popular than ever, a development from which Limonta benefits. The first appointments with customers confirmed a high demand for nylons made of recycled polyester mixed with cotton and other fibres to create new and surprising looks and touches. Especially cotton feel, shiny, paper or rubberised effects are very important.”


From 24 – 26 January 2023, the textile and fashion industry will come together at MOC Munich and at BLUEZONE and KEYHOUSE from 24 – 25 January 2023 at the Zenith Areal. Almost 800 currently confirmed exhibitors will show their colour and material trends over two or three days, embedded in showcases, experiences and a fringe programme of exclusive information about the upcoming trends, top-notch panels and the opportunity to network. A new concept is THE SOURCE STUDIO at MOC. The popularity of the events in January is great and reveals that Munich will once again become the global hub for the most important segments of the industry at the end of January.

More voices from exhibitors

Bell & Thunder

„We can’t do everything – but what we do, we do right, especially special knits and wovens made of synthetic or mixed fibres. As far as one can tell at this stage, it is mainly unusual, elaborate and sophisticated jacquards made from a wide variety of materials that will make a comeback in this sector.”

Myunsoo Seo, President, Bell & Thunder, Seoul


„Linings for spring/summer 2024 are one thing above all: fancy – with bright, fluorescent colours, microstructures and prints; not only made from viscose, but from new material compositions such as recycled polyester with organic cotton.“

Luca Ronzi, Sales Manager, Cervotessile (Klaas & Hesse Textilagentur)


„We achieve structure and volume through embossing. The focus is on geometric designs that are somehow different: triangles, cubes, tie-dyes, stripes with 3D effect. The leaf is the new flower. In the area of floral patterns, we show unevenly placed floral embroideries on transparent, delicate net-like fabrics. Shine comes into play via sequins, in stripes on stripes or with a geographical floral pattern on fine linen organza.“

Alexandra Bosch, Area Manager, Gratacós (Agentur Fuhrmann)


„We have redesigned organic cotton for the summer: in a blend with linen, soft and especially structured. Totally modern, new concepts are emerging. These fabrics are no longer compact and less stretch. In terms of colour, rust and terracotta tones in combination with strong blues and neon accents are particularly important. We live in a world where everyone offers everything. That makes it all the more important to make a difference. The key for us as a wool fibre and yarn manufacturer is sustainability.“

Emiliano Bertoli, Sales Manager, Manteco


„People are looking for more sustainable alternatives. Together with the Japanese manufacturers we represent, we can help satisfy this desire by adapting the composition of fabrics made from recycled or organically grown natural fibres. The result of this: a whole new feeling in finishing and hand feel.”

Toshihiko Kanatani, Senior Sales Representative, Stylem, Osaka


„The trend towards casual, comfortable and sporty fashion is unstoppable and has now also established itself in HAKA. With the new yarns “SOLOTEX® and DELTA® developed by Teijin, we are able to offer a wide range of different sporty, light, packable and technical polyester articles with a bit of function. A trend that is pervasive: All well-known brands want to use only predominantly environmentally friendly materials. This trend and the desire for green stories also influences the development of new fabrics: fine nylons that feel like cotton or fabrics with a BASF fibre obtained from discarded car tyres. The more sporty a collection is, the more it is about a mix of technological and aesthetic innovation – weight is a big topic as well, as are rip-stops and transparency.“

Roland Oberstein, Vice President, Teijin Frontier Europe GmbH, Hamburg


„We have had cactus-based labels in our collection for two years now. Our new labels made of mushroom leather can be seen for the first time at VIEW. We have the exclusive patent for Mylo – Mycelium is THE rising material among leather alternatives. We have also launched brand new labels made of bamboo with biopolyuretan. Bamboo and Mycelium labels with water-soluble inks dried with UV light – that’s how we understand sustainability.“

Nicoló Gatti, Sales Executive, Vivolo (Klaas & Hesse Textilagentur)

We Nordic

„All our accessories are certified. Silicone labels made from olive stone powder are our novelty. Whether cactus, pineapple, organic cotton with potato flour or now olive stones – in order to develop solutions that are sustainable and commercially successful at the same time, you have to try out many things and constantly develop them further. At the moment, interest is particularly high in sustainable packaging solutions for the ecommerce to get rid of plastic. Paptic from Finland is a new water-repellent solution made of wood fibres – biobased, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. We have had great success with this.“

Charlotte Bøgeren, CEO, We Nordic



24/01 – 25/01/2023


24/01 – 26/01/2023


24/01 – 25/01/2023

VIEW Premium Selection presents some 300 Pre-Collections

VIEW Premium Selection presents some
300 Pre-Collections

23. November 2022

The earliest material and trend information for Spring.Summer 2024 will be provided by the VIEW Premium Selection on 29 and 30 November 2022 at the MVG Museum in Munich. Around 300 pre-collections from international producers will provide information about the new material developments and colours for summer – including numerous newcomers and returnees.

First insights, first new materials and trend highlights: On 29 and 30 November 2022, the European premium fabric sector will meet for an important exchange with international producers at VIEW in Munich to find out about the first colour and material trends for Spring/Summer 2024 at the earliest possible time. A selected range of around 300 pre-collections will be on show at the MVG Museum. This means that VIEW will once again be strong and business-relevant this season.

The past VIEW Premium Selection in June 2022 was a great success. Completely booked out and more international than ever, the Preview Textile Show of Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH was an important contact point for the buying and design teams of companies such as Akris, Baldessarini, Bogner, Calvin Klein, Cinque, Comma, Drykorn, Escada, Hugo Boss, Lala Berlin, Lagerfeld, Laurél, MAC, Marc Cain, Marc O’Polo, Riani, Schumacher or Strellson. The trend towards an increasingly international range continues in November. Numerous buyers, designers and product managers from European ready-to-wear manufacturers are expected in Munich next week, looking for new material innovations and trends at VIEW and the parallel ISPO.

“The earliest possible colour and material information, the latest developments and trends for an accurate statement of the main collections, NOS planning, intermediate collections, repeat orders or final order possibilities – for the premium segment as well as for sports and denim collections, the middle market or the entry price segment – with the VIEW we offer the greatest possible flexibility with regard to Spring.Summer 2024 and the optimum presentation possibility for every target group.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START Exhibitions GmbH

International Exhibitor Portfolio with many new names

Material influences from Europe to Asia bring a highly exciting mix for the trend research of the new collections. Exhibitors from Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain and Turkey are among the participants.

The newcomers and returnees include, in addition to other:

„Whether from Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Japan or Hong Kong – high-quality weavers and accessories manufacturers from all over the world will be announcing themselves at the upcoming VIEW Premium Selection. We are particularly pleased about numerous newcomers and collections who are returning to VIEW this season after a long time and who appreciate both the date and the unique ambience.“

Frank Junker, Creative Director der Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions Gmb

MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE follow at the end of January with final collections and a surprisingly large response

The textile and fashion industry is also cordially invited to the next MUNICH FABRIC START Spring.Summer 24 from 24 – 26 January 2023 at MOC Munich as well as to BLUEZONE and KEYHOUSE from 24 – 25 January 2023 at the Zenith Areal. On two and three days respectively, a selected portfolio, valuable trend information, physical exchange and THE SOURCE Studios concept await the global players of the industry. A high level of interest is already apparent on the part of producers, who have already confirmed their participation in January. This means that Munich will once again offer a broad international range of products for the most important segments.

Details VIEW Premium Selection

Opening Hours

Tuesday, 29/11/2022: 9.30am – 6.30pm

Wednesday, 30/11/2022:
9.30am – 5.00pm


MVG Museum

Ständlerstraße 20, Munich

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24/01 – 26/01/2023


24/01 – 25/01/2023

VIEW Premium Selection celebrates its comeback

VIEW Premium Selection celebrates a comeback: physical, universal & international as never before

6. April 2022

We are very pleased to finally be able to invite you again to our VIEW Premium Selection in Munich’s MVG Museum on 21 & 22 June 2022. Our exclusive preview textile trade show is coming back with full power – fully booked and more international than ever!

The preview textile trade show stands for the latest developments, first colour and material trends and the presentation of a selected, high-quality product portfolio in a uniquely personal and professional atmosphere. However, this season is about much more, as our Managing Director Sebastian Klinder points out:

“It’s not only an incredible feeling for us as organizers, but also a very good sign for the industry: Our VIEW is coming back with full power – fully booked and more international than ever. We are proud that the leading agencies, textile and accessories manufacturers as well as premium weavers are reviving the well-known and beloved VIEW summer spirit together with us. The visitors of the European premium ready-to-wear can therefore expect an incomparable mix of business platform, trend pool and physical reunion with long-standing partner companies.”

– Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

Around 250 new collections for Autumn.Winter 23/24 will be presented at VIEW in the areas of FABRICS, ADDITIONALS, DESIGN STUDIOS as well as DENIM and SPORTSWEAR. The internationality of this year’s exhibitors deserves special mention since in addition to Germany, Italy and Turkey, they also come from France, England, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Hong Kong, China and Japan.

The list of well-known exhibitors is impressive: In addition to Bellandi, Dynamo, E. Miroglio, Lisa Spa, Manteco, Max Müller, Agentur Püttmann, Set and Tejidos Royo, numerous other agencies and manufacturers will be on site.


Exhibiting for the first time at VIEW will be suppliers such as We Nordic, Knopf und Knopf, Le Studio Copenhagen, Thermore and Kipas.

“We as Manteco are honored to join VIEW Premium Selection once again by showcasing a vast array of high-quality fabrics and jerseys as well as important projects like our B2B and B2C circular economy projects. It is very important for our company to take part in this fair as it is a great chance to share information and inspire brands with our new developments.”

– Marco Mantellassi, Manteco spa

“We are exhibiting at Munich Fabric Start for several years already and have always been very pleased about our participation and the outcome. At VIEW, we now look forward to meeting our existing customers as well as new potential partners in a different set-up. We look forward to the opportunity to present our new developments in a more private atmosphere with less time pressure. We also hope to be able to get a little closer to other exhibitors to evaluate the opportunity for new collaborative relationships which we can follow up on at Munich Fabric Start in autumn 2022.”

– Charlotte Bøgegren, We Nordic Label Studios LTD

You can now get an overview of the current list of exhibitors and collections in our VIEW Brand Search and you are also welcome to take a look at the first version of the VIEW Hall Plan.

The Show Details

VIEW Opening Hours

Tuesday, 21/06/22:
9:30AM – 6:30PM

Wednesday, 22/06/22
9:30AM – 5:00PM

VIEW Location

MVG Museum

Ständlerstraße 20

81549 Munich

Next Shows

30/08 – 01/09/22

30/08 – 31/08

We can’t wait to welcome you there!


VIEW Premium Selection

21 – 22/06/2022


30/08 – 01/09/2022


30/08 – 31/08/2022

No BLUEZONE in May, but big visions for Autumn.Winter 23/24 shows

See you in Munich in June and August 2022

28. February 2022

BLUEZONE in May does not take place


With the postponement of our International Denim Trade Show BLUEZONE from January to May 2022, we reacted to the situation caused by the pandemic in an early, responsible and far-sighted manner. The postponement of the date has shown the opportunity to realise a denim show for the textile industry at an important time, despite the cancellation of the January events.

“The short-notice announcement of a further and thus third denim trade show within 20 days and within a radius of 1000 km has caused great unrest and a lack of understanding from the industry and also from us. Since we do not want to get involved in a battle of show dates. In the interest of the entire textile industry and our exhibitors, we have decided to avoid the oversupply of shows and to focus all our positive energy on our core date at the end of August.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

Our basic philosophy is and remains to realise all events according to the well-known high level of our family-run and stable company. Despite the good booking situation and the great support from the industry, this is no longer the case for the coming May with regards to the current trade show calendar. Consequently, the BLUEZONE will not taking place on 3 & 4 May 2022. The next BLUEZONE will take place on August 30th and 31st, 2022 at the same time as MUNICH FABRIC START on the Zenith site in Munich.

Buyers and product managers do not have to wait much longer for the physical exchange in the industry: The next show will be the VIEW Premium Selection on 21 & 22 June 2022. As part of the Preview Textile Show, the first developments for Autumn.Winter 23/24 will be presented in the uniquely personal and professional atmosphere of the MVG Museum.

MUNICH FABRIC START launches independent show concept for SOURCING

And we warmly invite the textile and fashion industry: to the next MUNICH FABRIC START Autumn.Winter 23/24 from 30 August – 1 September 2022 at the MOC Munich and to the BLUEZONE on 30 & 31 August 2022 at the Zenith grounds. For two or three days of international reunion, physical exchange and the establishment of new cooperations. To valuable information and an incomparable spirit of innovation.

The trade show will surprise with an additional hall and a fantastically developed infrastructure – hopefully accompanied by best summer weather. In addition to the areas Fabrics, Additionals, Design Studios, ReSOURCE, Sustainable Innovations, BLUEZONE and Keyhouse, which have been tried and established for years, SOURCING is taking place as a stand-alone show-in-show concept in an independent, larger hall.

This expansion perfectly rounds off the holistic portfolio of MUNICH FABRIC START for you: European all-in-one providers with a focus on Nearshoring present complete solutions for brands, labels and the retail sector in a brand-new ambience. Because on the Motorworld site, directly opposite the MOC, the spectacular event hall of ​​around 2500m² will be used exclusively for Prime Manufacturing Solutions.


For more info:

VIEW Premium Selection cancelled

Fully booked VIEW Premium Selection from 30/11 - 01/12/21 unfortuantely cannot take place

23. November 2021

Just before reaching the goal to realise a fully booked trade show at pre-pandemic level in just a few days, it is unimaginably difficult for us to write the following lines right now:

The political regulations in Bavaria of 19/11/2021 and the associated, strongly limiting conditions for events starting from an incidence of 1000 have far-reaching consequences for the VIEW Premium Selection. Due to the currently strong increase in the infection rates in Munich, the Preview Textile Show planned for 30/11 – 01/12/2021 must now be canceled as a precaution.

All organisers have to continuously monitor the situation and evaluate realistically: the new measures are expected to come into force in Munich in the coming days. We therefore feel our responsibility to offer all those involved a planning security at the earliest possible time.

Our special thanks go to the 300 suppliers for their great trust, support and loyalty, because a fully booked VIEW and a currently extremely well booked MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE are an outstanding sign in the current exceptional situation.

“Up to the last moment, we tried to make everything possible and believed in being able to set a positive example again with the realisation of the VIEW Premium Selection. We have fulfilled the requirements, adapted our hygiene concept several times to the dynamically changing measures and took the necessary precautions for a safe event. In short, we were ready for the final countdown – ready to welcome the textile industry back to Munich! Especially because of the great support from the industry and the high demand for VIEW, we now deeply regret the circumstances and the short-term cancellation, but the health and safety of all show participants always comes first.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start

Now we are fully focused on realising MUNICH FABRIC START Spring.Summer 23 from 25/01 – 27/01/2022 and BLUEZONE from 25/01 – 26/01/2022 as Covid-19 compliant physical trade shows in Munich.


25/01 – 27/01/2022

MOC Munich


25/01 – 26/01/2021

Zenith Area Munich

Fully Booked VIEW Premium Selection

Fully booked VIEW Premium Selection presents around 300 collections
as a safe preview trade show in Munich

16. November 2021

Finally: the beloved VIEW Premium Selection is back! The fully booked Preview Textile Show will take place in a few days, on 30 November and 01 December 2021, in a familiar atmosphere at the MVG Museum in Munich. Following the example of the successfully implemented MUNICH FABRIC START Autumn.Winter 22/23, the organisers are very pleased to realise the first physical trade show for Spring.Summer 23 – of course, Covid-19 compliant.

The industry can look forward to a live event at pre-pandemic level: Around 80 selected exhibitors will present 300 collections, the usual high-quality portfolio in the areas of Fabrics, Additionals, Design Studios as well as Denim and Sportswear. Renowned weavers and manufacturers such as Liberty, Yünsa, Manteco, Tejidos Royo or Lanificio Roma as well as the well-known agencies Max Müller, Agentur Geiger or Püttmann Textilagentur, to name just a few, will be on site.

“For us, VIEW has always been a highlight, because the timing is optimal and it is
the perfect start to every season, where we can maintain personal contact with our customers
and above all, of course, being able to present the new collections in a very special atmosphere.
We are now particularly looking forward to the upcoming VIEW, which will take place in the familiar atmosphere despite the current circumstances and cordially invite all customers to experience this event together.”

Oliver Schnitzler, Managing Director LOOMseven GmbH

All exhibitors and collections can be viewed on the new VIEW Premium Selection website

The organisers also launched a new VIEW Premium Selection homepage, which gives a modern and structured overview of the Preview Textile Show at Here, the detailed brand search with the complete lists of exhibitors and collections as well as the final hall plans can be found, which support the trade visitors in their preparations for the trade show. As always, all information can also be called up in the MUNICH FABRIC START app.

Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH is aware of the great responsibility in these times of the unplanned to organise a professional and inspiring trade show, which fulfills and even exceeds the measures and official requirements. The extensive hygiene concept is being adapted to current developments at the moment and will be published shortly on

“As the first physical information and inspiration platform of the coming season, the VIEW Premium Selection stands for quality, efficiency and a focused exchange between the industry. We are therefore very pleased to finally be able to realise our Preview Textile Show again at the MVG Museum Munich on 30 November and 01 December 2021. This trade show forms an excellent basis for MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE at the end of January 2022, which already have a very high registration status.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start

Positive signal for MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE

At the same time, the organisers are already preparing for MUNICH FABRIC START from 25/01 – 27/01/2022 and BLUEZONE from 25/01 – 26/01/2022. The feedback from international exhibitors is extremely promising: Both the international textile trade show and the global denim trade show are almost fully booked. On this basis, the use of all halls in the MOC and the Zenith area is planned again, as last in February 2020.

Spring.Summer 2023 starts at VIEW


18. October 2021

With the successful edition of MUNICH FABRIC START, we were able to organise a prime example of physical trade shows under the new conditions – with increased motivation and great anticipation, we have now started planning VIEW Premium Selection from 30 November – 1 December 2021.

Especially for our industry, personal exchange and the tactile experience of materials is essential. The Preview Textile Trade Show VIEW is particularly important for us: we can hardly wait to see the industry again soon in a productive, pleasant working atmosphere at the MVG Museum in Munich.

The VIEW sees itself as a high-quality fabric and ingredients fair, which is well ahead of the established textile fair MUNICH FABRIC START and other European fabric fairs. As a small, fine industry get-together, VIEW is aimed at creatives and buyers in the fashion industry who need or want to be informed about the latest trends and developments for material developments, colours trends and innovations in good time.

At VIEW you will find a strong portfolio of premium collections from trendy innovations to fine fabrics, from high-end sportswear fabrics to high-quality basics. Plus an informative selection of labels and buttons.

Be there at the next VIEW by MUNICH FABRIC START to see the first trends and developments well before the official trade show event, January 25-27, 2022. Visitor registration will open soon for the next VIEW Premium Selection. Until then, look forward to browsing the collections and new materials from the following exhibitors and more coming up at VIEW:


VIEW Premium Selection Spring.Summer 2023


30 Nov 2021 · 9:30am – 6:30pm

01 Dec 2021 · 9:30am – 5:00pm


MVG Museum, Munich

Ständlerstraße 20, 81549 München



Phone: +49 (0)89 45 22 47 0

Season Starts in Autumn 2021

No VIEW in July 2021 due to
extended event ban by Bavarian government

3. June 2021

Against the backdrop of decreasing infection numbers in Germany as well as across Europe and with a step- by-step ease of current measures in sight, the chances for VIEW Premium Selection from 13 – 14 July 2021 have been very good. The response from the industry has been enormous, the demand for the Preview Textile Show is high: VIEW is fully booked in the new location with more than 230 international textile and accessory manufacturers!

Despite this positive situation, the Bavarian government has extended the current ban on events beyond 14 July 2021. Unfortunately, this regulation has a direct impact on the trade fair planning for VIEW Premium Selection. Authorities will not grant the necessary permit for VIEW in mid-July. Therefore, the organisers have no other possibility than to cancel their next VIEW Premium Selection.

“This decision hits us and the entire industry very hard after almost a year without physical trade shows. However, it is irreversible. Despite a close exchange and repeated follow ups with the corresponding authorities, it was not possible to secure the official approval or exemption for VIEW. We have invested a lot of work, effort and good faith in the preparation of VIEW in order to meet the current regulations for a Covid-19 compliant event with solution-oriented measures. Our planning has been further confirmed by the current developments and declining infection numbers. Given this overall situation, the decision taken by the authorities is especially hard to accept.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start

The organisers had decided early on to move the VIEW Premium Selection to the spacious MOC Munich as part of the Covid-19 compliant implementation of a trade event. With a detailed satellite concept for the different areas and outdoor catering areas, the organisers were well prepared for the current requirements.


Now, in accordance with this decree from the Bavarian Ministry of State, the organisers are focusing all of their energy on the upcoming MUNICH FABRIC START from 31 August – 2 September 2021 as well as BLUEZONE from 31 August to 1 September 2021.

In short, this means: Green light for the realisation of the International Textile Trade Show MUNICH FABRIC START and the International Denim Trade Show BLUEZONE!

31/08 – 02/09/2021

31/08 – 01/09/2021

“We are now concentrating twice as hard on the further organisation of the upcoming MUNICH FABRIC START at the MOC Munich and BLUEZONE on the Zenith grounds. Here, we are doing everything we can to once again provide the industry with the usual portfolio and services that people expect from us. We are incredibly excited to be able to return to a bit of normality despite and with Covid-19: at least at our trade fairs in Munich.”

Frank Junker, Creative Director Munich Fabric Start

The organisers’ aim is to once again present the established international premium portfolio at the MOC for the following segments at MUNICH FABRIC START: Fabrics, Additionals, Bluezone, Keyhouse, Design Studios, Sourcing, ReSource and Sustainable Innovations. At BLUEZONE, trade visitors can also expect the proven spectrum of international denim weavers and manufacturers at the Zenith Area together with a newly staged innovation hub with Keyhouse.

Change of location for VIEW Premium Selection

VIEW Autumn.Winter 22/23 takes place in MOC Munich & Coal bunker

23. March 2021

Personal exchange and the haptic experience of materials is particularly important in our industry. Which is why we are all the more looking forward to implementing a physical platform again, with and for the industry.

With a healthy mix of confidence and realism, we started planning the trade fairs in the coming summer months and we can’t wait to welcome you at VIEW Premium Selection from 13 – 14 July 2021 in MOC Munich and in Coal bunker on the Zenith site.

Our highest priority: your security! We keep a very close eye on current developments and continually assess the options and requirements for physical trade fairs in times of a pandemic. The most important prerequisite is that our trade fairs can take place safely, smoothly and compliant with Covid-19 for our visitors and everyone involved.

One-time change of location of VIEW Premium Selection

After carefully examining the needs, options and applicable Covid-19 measures, we decided to organise VIEW Premium Selection from 13 – 14 July 2021 – one week after Frankfurt Fashion Week – in the MOC and coal bunker on the Zenith site.

With this one-time change of location, a trade fair in compliance with the necessary requirements for Covid-19 is possible: Besides a spacious venue and outside area, generous stand and catering areas, wide walking paths to maintain the minimum distances, good infrastructure, sufficient parking spaces, nearby accommodation as well as efficient ventilation systems with fresh air supply are provided here. Therefore, the complete trade fair event is located in one place.

The traditional VIEW summer feeling awaits you in the outside area of the Drivers Club, which connects the MOC with the Zenith area. Of course, we will offer our usual services such as trend forums, café bars and free lunches in order to be able to offer you the familiar atmosphere of VIEW.

Rediscover the well-known VIEW premium portfolio

The spacious area offers the possibility of realising VIEW as a satellite concept. We are planning to spread out the individual exhibition areas from one another in order to separate the trade fair across this spacious area.

You will find the areas FABRICS, ADDITIONALS and DESIGN STUDIOS in Atrium 4 in the MOC and the areas DENIM & SPORTSWEAR in Coal bunker on the Zenith site.

All detailed information can be found in the information brochure:

Only with solidarity and loyalty can we realise our common goal for the industry – which is why we hope for your trust and support and we are glad to hear from you at any time if you have any further questions.

VIEW Premium Selection Autumn.Winter 22/23

13 July 2021 · 9.30am – 6.30pm
14 July 2021 · 9.30am – 5.00pm


MOC Munich & Coal bunker (Zenith Area)

Lilienthalallee 29/40
80939 Munich I Germany


Phone: +49 (0)89 45 22 47 0