From the 3rd – 4th December 2019VIEW Premium Selection will showcase the first material developments, qualities and colour tendencies for the new SPRING.SUMMER 2021 season a few weeks prior to MUNICH FABRIC START. TEXCART, TEJIDOS ROYO, LANIFICIO ROMA, DUTEL CREATION and BORNEMANN ETIKETTEN are among our exhibitors who will join the expanded presentation of sustainable fabrics and accessories showcased at VIEW:

Texcart|Stand A28

What does it mean to your company to take more responsibility in terms of micro plastic and overconsumption?

TEXCART: It has been our focus for the last 5 years, starting with the materials we use on a daily basis; boxes, envelopes, general use paper, collection boards, stickers, where possible these are made in recycled paper and recycled material. In terms of over consumption, we care about enacting change and so we typically produce our articles on demand to reduce leftovers.

TEJIDOS ROYO: With the pioneering DryIndigo® technology developed by Spanish manufacturer Tejidos Royo, it is now possible to use 0% water in the denim production process. This is a real milestone in the textile industry. It also reduces energy consumption by 65% during manufacture, uses 89% less chemical products, and completely eliminates waste water discharge. As a result of implementing DryIndigo® technology in 2019, Tejidos Royo has saved more than 1 million litres of water used in denim dyeing. The economic contribution from the first million litters saved has been donated to UNICEF for its water and sanitation programmes which improve the lives of thousands of children around the world.

DUTEL: For the last 2 years, Dutel has been developing a sustainable range called ‘PURE’ which uses recycled polyester warp and organic cotton weft yarns. We plan to swap all our polyester warps into recycled ones. The challenge is to make an entirely sustainable collection and to source the serious reliable suppliers with traceability. For years we have collected and recycled any waste in our factory. As well, a new air conditioning system has considerably reduced our electricity consumption.

BORNEMANN: Besides providing sustainable labelling solutions for our customers, we aim to optimize our internal processes as well. By digitalizing our documentation, working on rapid prototyping and investing an increasing amount of time and effort in digital sampling we are reducing input of resources on various levels.

Bornemann-Etiketten|Stand A29

Tell us about the latest collection you are exhibiting at VIEW?

TEXCART: Our collection, as usual, will be complex and composed of several articles produced in a variety of materials, techniques and designs. We have prepared different themes which follow the tendencies but also in sustainable and recycled materials and as always we will feature a range of denim accessories. We are continuously updated in terms of tendencies, new techniques and materials, especially in sustainable and eco-friendly news through our large network of professional partners.

LANIFICIO ROMA: At Lanificio Roma we are sensitive to the use of recycled yarns, many fabrics of the latest collection are eco-sustainable. The qualities in our eco-cotton and viscose ECOVERO are made with sustainable yarns.

DUTEL: Summer 2021 by this jacquard specialist makes the most of shiny effects on vibrant, crunchy surfaces. Taffeta and voile grounds are enriched with transparent shines with a cellophane crunch. The colour palette is built on whites and pearly whites. Surfaces are covered with iridescent yarns to create hairy effects. Lightweight, cotton-like jacquards are lit up with a pearly sheen, patterns resonate thanks to colourfully iridescent yarns. Filigree or bold florals paired with bright stripes are enhanced with a colourful gleam.

BORNEMANN: We present our latest developments for Women/Menswear Denim, Modern Casual and Workwear. The challenge of workwear lies in combining fashion and function, materials need to fulfil certain standard specifications. Among other items, we are showing several flame-retardant products, woven, printed and silicon that stand up to current norms.

Dutel Creation|Stand B09

Shop less, waste less, produce less. What are the biggest challenges for you to continue to be successful and sustainable?

TEJIDOS ROYO: In the textile industry, we need to rework our processes to become a much more sustainable industry. DryIndigo is a major milestone in this area, and we hope that it inspires both the sector and the brands to develop more technologies that contribute to making our industry a much more responsible one towards our surroundings. We are facing the sustainable denim revolution and, with One Million Liters, we want everyone to take part in it so that, together, we can meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals before 2030.

LANIFICIO ROMA: We produce recycled raw material fabrics to offer significant benefits to our planet. We have created a new product with reduced water consumption, in order to fight the effects of the increase in pollution and excessive consumption. Our aim is to waste less and re-use production and consumer waste as new resources.

DUTEL: Our target is to offer top quality which is lasting over the years, especially for our ‘ALLURE‘ range which offer timeless, subtle textures and enlarges our offer for different customers types such as accessories, scarves, shoes, hats, but also kidswear. Produce less? No! To guarantee our business’ survival, we cannot produce less, but more instead offer more variety. Not to produce less, but produce better!

BORNEMANN: Balancing creativity, sustainability and efficiency seems to be the biggest challenge. In our day to day, this means we have to cooperate closely with our customers to understand their priorities. And, in the long run, work towards a situation where none of the three aspects are in conflict with each other. Digitalisation has a big impact on this, so mastering the challenges of digitalisation is our priority as a company.

Lanificio Roma, Agentur Hornung|Stand C19