Established over 30 years ago Weavabel provides Garment branding solutions, managing fashion brands trims from design to delivery in several regions across the globe.  Over the years, their product range has expanded through innovations and latest technologies to help brands stand out in the market place. Their product range includes, labels, swing tickets, branded packaging, badges, metal trims, heat transfers, leather products and much more.

Especially over the last 3 years, Weavabel has heavily invested in developing sustainable materials for fashion branding to help brands meet their sustainable needs and goals.  With sustainable sourcing, recycling and improved innovations in production methods they will launch their latest range with us at Munich Fabric Start!

Behind the Brand

When talking about sustainability, what images come to mind?  Green, brown flecked effects, grainy feels?  Our designers questioned, does this have to be?  To support premium brands that want to make an impression with their trims yet meet the company’s sustainable goals we wanted to develop a premium sustainable product range to support this.  So, we’ve moved through a journey with our eco ranges, initially producing very basic products to our latest range which includes techniques such and embossing, debossing and die cutting to give a premium finishes.

What’s in the range?

Bamboo paper and tape– Bamboo is both a sustainable and renewable alternative for making paper.  As compared with traditional wood sources, bamboo is ready for harvest after 2 to 3 years while traditional wood materials take 5 to 8 years and doesn’t require replanting after harvesting.

Stone paper – Stone paper is made from crushed stone waste rather than from wood-pulp.  Water is not used in the production and to produce the paper only takes 15% of the energy standard paper uses and only 67% less CO2 is released during production.  The paper is totally waterproof and fluid resistant and it’s durable and can withstand water, grease and dirt.

FSC paper – FSC certified paper allows traceability and ensures the highest environmental and social standards are met in the paper.

Biodegradable seal – Seals made from D2W substances which break-down over time, this normally is between 2 – 5 years and these only biodegrade when put in landfill with active microorganism environment.

Recycled polyester tape and labels – Tape produced using post-consumer recycled yarns reducing landfill.

Organic cotton labels – 100% Organic Cotton Labels produced using GOTS certified materials.  Organic cotton is grown organically in subtropical countries from non-genetically modified plants, and without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides.

Fully recyclable seal – Metal and paper seal with logo printed in bamboo paper & natural twisted paper for string.  This is fully recyclable.


Visit Weavabel at their stand and collect your own set of the eco collection.  Hall 1, stand number B08.

+44(0)113 239 1122
Leeds, England