Fashion Design



16. May 2023

The DESIGN STUDIOS area offers creative input, progressive ideas and new designs. Here, textile designers and trend agencies from all over the world show their fabric designs and latest developments for prints and patterns.

Some exhibitors in this area are:



Creative handmade prints for the fashion industry and home textiles with painting in several techniques and styles: BoldDesign Studio uses gouache, pens, watercolors, dry pastels, create tie-dyes, scientific illustrations and more.

Located in the north of Portugal, in the center of one of the largest clusters of producers, spinners, weavers, printers and garment manufacturers, they make use of design with deep knowledge of production methods, mixing techniques, reinventing what has already been invented and taking advantage of our textile knowledge.



Buntastic Design Studio welcomes the new season with fluid forms, refreshing green accents and ethnic patterns from Morocco. With watercolor tie dye and wavy forms the studio let us feel the water. Green as a color of hope, harmony and stability won ́t lose its current importance. Tolerance and interest are travelling the world and celebrating the beauty of its diverse cultures.



For the Spring Summer 24 collection, BUREAUX BO immerses itself in the lightness of bright, cheerful colours combined with blurred textures. Large floral
formats, new interpretations of geometrics and “natural dyes” are the hallmarks of this collection. BUREAUX BO combines years of experience with a strong sense for current trends and innovations.

Located in Düsseldorf we are inspired by a diverse art scene, unusual architecture and diverse cultures. In addition to the seasonal trends, we develop free
and independent prints that are durable due to their timelessness and can be used long term.



Fusion CPH is a leading Danish print studio, with over twenty years of experience. We pride ourselves in beautiful craftsmanship, talent from all around the world and delivering our innovative prints with a cool Scandi twist. Our collection is inspired by an analysis of the latest catwalks, street styles and consumer trend reports and our design process often starts by hand, with a focus on hand drawing and painting.



Lica‘s new versatile print collection for Spring/Summer 24 is based on two poles that form the essence: ‚Superfluity‘ and ‚Understatement. There are various reasons to find joy in the opulence of colors and shapes: It dresses you in self-confidence during uncertain times. And, it might make you question what is real, as the natural and virtual worlds blend. The diametrically opposed ‘Understatement’ finds peace in the reduction of color and the disappearance of form. It looks for nothing less than the essence of harmony. Solitude can be defined as a luxury.



FABRIC.iD – Digitize Your Fabrics


13. December 2021

Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH launches FABRIC.iD – a process for the complete digitization of fabrics. The new texture scanner xTex and the colour scanner can:scan transform textiles into virtual data. The result: digital twins that reproduce the texture and colour of the materials realistically and flawlessly.

Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH, organiser of the International Fabric Trade Show MUNICH FABRIC START and the International Denim Trade Show BLUEZONE, is now offering the digitization service FABRIC.iD to support digital processes in the first step of the textile supply chain. From structure to colour composition to rigidity – the innovative texture and colour scanners xTex and can:scan from software companies Vizoo GmbH and Caddon Printing & Imaging GmbH capture all the details of the texture and translate them into virtual data. Digitization generates a unique fabric ID which makes the textiles technically identifiable, traceable and usable. The result: digital, realistic fabrics.

The service was first presented in all facets during MUNICH FABRIC START, from 31 August – 02 September 2021 in Munich. The process expands MUNICH FABRIC START’s range of products to digital, indefinitely.

“We are incredibly proud to be able to offer FABRIC.iD at MUNICH FABRIC START – a technology that is unique in the world. From now on, our customers can send their fabrics to us or bring them directly to us to see the process – our team will then take over the scanning process and digitize the textiles, at the trade fair and throughout the year. We then make the data available for further processes. The samples can be measured without restriction on any monitor with a click of the mouse and used for sales, product presentations, design processes, trying on avatars and other areas of application – the perfect addition to the physical experience at the trade show.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start


Until now, analogue processes between buyers and suppliers have taken a lot of time, often with the result that the exact colour, pattern and the right material cannot be found. can:scan and xTex offer a unique solution for this: they enable the exact colour detection of textiles and the creation of colour-fast digital patterns, so that interactive approval processes can be carried out online and 80% of the previous time required for analogue processes can be saved. Three-dimensional objects are scanned with the highest precision – even colour nuances that are created by light and shadow can be differentiated, measured and displayed using the new technology. The digital data renders time-consuming and costly transportation obsolete, lead times are reduced as well as costs for textile samples, with more precise results delivered – always in good time before the start of the collection.

“Everyone who works with such processes knows the effort involved in the analogue coordination between buyers and suppliers. These can drag on for a very long time and in the end a substance is released that does not actually meet the original idea, but instead comes as close as possible. In some cases, collection components are completely cancelled because a consistent result simply cannot be achieved in the allotted time. We are solving this problem with the new technology from FABRIC.iD.”

Michael Nothelfer, Managing Director of Caddon Printing & Imaging GmbH

The innovative digitization takes place in the Fabric Studio, the showroom of Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH. There the textiles are scanned – the exact texture can be recognised and transformed within a very short time. In the first step, the exact colour and pattern are determined, then the surface structure is determined. A physical material analysis is then carried out, in which the weight, rigidity, thickness, elasticity and other material properties of the textile are precisely determined. This enables an accurate simulation of the drape properties of the fabric. In addition, FABRIC.iD also understands the spectral yarn colour values ​​of the dye works and the weaving data of industrial looms in order to generate visually correct and colour-correct textures for 3D applications.

Modifications are not made subjective, instead, validly collected data ensures a high degree of authenticity and coordination between the physical and virtual product. By using the open source U3M format, the digital material is compatible with almost every 3D-capable application. Since fabrics can differ greatly in their properties, three different categories are offered: Standard for less structured and monochrome materials, Advanced for strong structures and colours, as well as a third category, Complex, for complex patterns and very shiny materials.

 “It’s the latest technology on the market with uniquely advanced methods that outcompetes any other solutions in the world. At MUNICH FABRIC START we are now making the technology accessible in our FABRIC.iD studio. A milestone for the industry – not only in the direction of digitization, but also in the direction of sustainability,”

Martin Semsch, Managing Director of Vizoo GmbH

Find more information about FABRIC.iD online at

Fully Booked VIEW Premium Selection

Fully booked VIEW Premium Selection presents around 300 collections
as a safe preview trade show in Munich

16. November 2021

Finally: the beloved VIEW Premium Selection is back! The fully booked Preview Textile Show will take place in a few days, on 30 November and 01 December 2021, in a familiar atmosphere at the MVG Museum in Munich. Following the example of the successfully implemented MUNICH FABRIC START Autumn.Winter 22/23, the organisers are very pleased to realise the first physical trade show for Spring.Summer 23 – of course, Covid-19 compliant.

The industry can look forward to a live event at pre-pandemic level: Around 80 selected exhibitors will present 300 collections, the usual high-quality portfolio in the areas of Fabrics, Additionals, Design Studios as well as Denim and Sportswear. Renowned weavers and manufacturers such as Liberty, Yünsa, Manteco, Tejidos Royo or Lanificio Roma as well as the well-known agencies Max Müller, Agentur Geiger or Püttmann Textilagentur, to name just a few, will be on site.

“For us, VIEW has always been a highlight, because the timing is optimal and it is
the perfect start to every season, where we can maintain personal contact with our customers
and above all, of course, being able to present the new collections in a very special atmosphere.
We are now particularly looking forward to the upcoming VIEW, which will take place in the familiar atmosphere despite the current circumstances and cordially invite all customers to experience this event together.”

Oliver Schnitzler, Managing Director LOOMseven GmbH

All exhibitors and collections can be viewed on the new VIEW Premium Selection website

The organisers also launched a new VIEW Premium Selection homepage, which gives a modern and structured overview of the Preview Textile Show at Here, the detailed brand search with the complete lists of exhibitors and collections as well as the final hall plans can be found, which support the trade visitors in their preparations for the trade show. As always, all information can also be called up in the MUNICH FABRIC START app.

Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH is aware of the great responsibility in these times of the unplanned to organise a professional and inspiring trade show, which fulfills and even exceeds the measures and official requirements. The extensive hygiene concept is being adapted to current developments at the moment and will be published shortly on

“As the first physical information and inspiration platform of the coming season, the VIEW Premium Selection stands for quality, efficiency and a focused exchange between the industry. We are therefore very pleased to finally be able to realise our Preview Textile Show again at the MVG Museum Munich on 30 November and 01 December 2021. This trade show forms an excellent basis for MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE at the end of January 2022, which already have a very high registration status.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start

Positive signal for MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE

At the same time, the organisers are already preparing for MUNICH FABRIC START from 25/01 – 27/01/2022 and BLUEZONE from 25/01 – 26/01/2022. The feedback from international exhibitors is extremely promising: Both the international textile trade show and the global denim trade show are almost fully booked. On this basis, the use of all halls in the MOC and the Zenith area is planned again, as last in February 2020.

A Very Successful Industry Reunion


7. September 2021

A whole year without physical trade fairs, long months without personal exchange: last week the physical International Fabric Trade Show MUNICH FABRIC START and the International Denim Trade Show BLUEZONE took place for the textile industry in Munich. The team at Munich Fabric Start Exhibitions GmbH is bringing a bit of normality back to the industry, but also to event management.

More than 600 international suppliers presented their new collections and developments for Autumn.Winter 22/23 in around 1000 collections in the Fabrics, Additionals, Design Studios, Sourcing, ReSource and Sustainable Innovations areas at MUNICH FABRIC START as well as denim, sportswear and KEYHOUSE at BLUEZONE. Around 13,400 international trade visitors were on site in Munich this season, which compared with exhibiting suppliers marked an increase in visiting fashion brands compared to the edition in September 2019. The organisers are more than happy with this result!

“Our team is exhausted, but overjoyed: the biggest challenge in our company’s history lies behind us! We actually managed to realise a comparable MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE with the usual broad portfolio in these times! Until the very last moment, we focused on making the shows a reality – despite all the challenges, measures and ongoing planning uncertainty. All our efforts were rewarded with all-round positive industry feedback and we can say our Covid-19 compliant trade shows were a complete success. Of course, we kept our expectations cautious due to the situation – which is precisely why we are so overwhelmed by the great result! It seems as if the whole textile industry was cheering and so grateful to be able to experience a few hours of ‘business as usual’ again.”

Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director Munich Fabric Start


Under the motto “BACK TO THE FUTURE”, BLUEZONE offered a way back to the tactile experience of textiles and the reunion of the denim community. In addition to international denim weavers and manufacturers, visitors to the Zenith Hall also saw a qualitative selection of KEYHOUSE exhibitors who presented their futuristic innovations for the fashion industry.

“BLUEZONE has always scored with a very special atmosphere – this time we surprised people in the Zenith Hall with an 80’s party feeling. Of course, business was not forgotten: the denim industry is currently brimming with sustainable innovations and new developments, all of which were presented in Munich. And the coal bunker right next door became an inspiring, Covid-19 compliant forum for lectures and panel discussions. Now all we can say is that we are doing everything we can to repeat this success in the following season.”

Frank Junker, Creative Director Munich Fabric Start

The organisers are also very proud of the success of the event program. Across 16 scheduled programs, information was shared on industry innovations and future-oriented topics, especially relating to circular economy, digital tools and production processes.Highlights included the trend presentation by David Shah and the panel discussions “Closing the Loop – How circular can the supply chain be?” and on “Local Manufacturing – A reality or just a temporary green gimmick?“.

“First of all I would like to thank the organisers for the enormous effort – I can imagine how much work it must have been in these times to realise a trade show and then even continue to offer the great service such as free coffee and free lunch for everyone! We are definitely all super grateful to be here, as you could see in the general joy of the visitors. For me, the three fair days were all about meeting again with live contact again. And my expectations were even exceeded: We were able to welcome a very good quality of visitors from all European countries and I am particularly pleased about the many interested new customers. “

Vlad Zisser, Zisser Design Studios (Sweden)

“We had a really very successful trade fair – all the important customers came and you could really feel how happy everyone was to finally meet again live. Now we just hope that it will continue like this and that the following events can also take place.”

Isabelle Hosatte Firmann, Dutel Creation (France)


In keeping with the season’s title “RISE”, the visitors were greeted by inspiring, colourful trend forums with unique highlights for Autumn.Winter 22/23 collection development. In the halls, the industry was able to discover a trade show with the well-known and proven pre-pandemic quality with manufacturers and suppliers presenting in all 8 areas. Non-European suppliers were represented by agencies and offered well-attended show in show concepts.

The newly formed ReSOURCE x SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS area also drew in the crowds. In a modern atmosphere, information was shared on sourcing sustainable textiles and additionals as well as innovative concepts. Another highlight was the launch of FABRIC.iD, the innovative process for the complete digitisation of fabrics to greater serve the industry’s digital future.

 “What a goosebumps moment! Since the second edition of Munich Fabric Start in 1997, I’ve been coming from Paris to Munich every season to look for new fabrics, ideas and colours… And I can say – I’ve never looked forward to a fair like this time! It was a lot of fun and my team and I are just happy that it started again. The show has an incredibly pleasant and well-organised atmosphere, in which you simply feel warmly welcomed as a visitor, which is why I was there again on all three fair days! So I can only say: BRAVO and THANK YOU!”

Visitor Anja Seidl (France)

“Many thanks to the BLUEZONE team for organising a show for the denim community that we all longed for! I am sure that all exhibitors and visitors had a great time and we really appreciate your hard work.”

Visitor Robin Meijerink, Robin Denim (Netherlands)


A new SOURCING area will be presented as part of the MUNICH FABRIC START trade show from 3 – 5 September 2019. The SOURCING area will be hosted in the newly integrated section of the fair in Hall 8 directly opposite the MOC venue. Here, the formerly designated APPAREL SOURCING area will be relaunched as SOURCING. This pooling of a both condensed and yet extensive portfolio is a decisive step for the strategic focus of the trade fair at destination Munich.

With SOURCING, MUNICH FABRIC START offers a platform dedicated to international manufacturing and sourcing solutions to meet the demand of buyers in the fashion sectors who are looking for full package, private label and bespoke sourcing solutions. The first MANUFACTURING edition will host a selection about approximately 70 international apparel manufacturers that meet our strict requirements regarding quality, production capacity, professional references, as well as their CSR strategy.

The idea underpinning this new format is to create both an inviting and effective setting for realizing unique communication as well as a working environment in a zeitgeist-inspiring, high-end environment.
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

SOURCING in Hall 8 offers professional networking in a unique setting. Staged in a former industrial site for railway maintenance, this site has recently undergone extensive restoration work while maintaining the original industrial Bauhaus architecture dating from 1926. This unique venue offers the perfect setting for brands, retailers and intermediaries to meet and exchange. These are ideal prerequisites for MUNICH FABRIC START. The aim of SOURCING is to create a business platform with an enhanced atmosphere for future oriented networking.

Previous apparel sourcing editions at MUNICH FABRIC START presented manufacturers from Portugal, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunisia, and Egypt. Effectively demonstrating the focus of the exhibition, namely to present apparel manufactures neighbouring the European market, ensuring swift delivery times, flexible volumes and free market access.

The following product categories will be presented in the upcoming SOURCING edition: Accessories, Corporate, Couture, Lingerie, Leisurewear, Outdoor, Sportswear, Tailored, and Ready to Wear for Womenswear, Menswear and Kidswear.