The Warp Of Symbiogenesis – Sustainable Innovations

These fabrics carry five stories of invisible connections, narrating tales of cooperation, exploitation, and competition among fungi, lichens, corals, and plants.

Honestly Hemp – Sustainable Innovations

Her vision: to create an entire outfit made wholly from hemp fibre and end the stigma surrounding the plant.

BioBase – Sustainable innovations

The project targets the establishment of biobased polymers in the textile industry, demonstrating their full potential.

Blooming Minds – Sustainable Innovations

Elizabeth’s research focuses on combining nature – especially the use of natural and recycled materials – and community, a social practice which weaves themes such as mental health while encouraging accessible creativity.

Being Plucked – Sustainable Innovations

"Being Plucked" questions underlying assumptions and illuminates the political dimensions of decisions about one's body.

Revoltech – Sustainable Innovations

The revolution of Revoltech lies in the use of Hemp-Leder, an advanced fusion of hemp fibers and traditional leather.

A Life As An Art Project – Sustainable Innovations

Textiles, for Sophie, become a medium that provides protection while revealing the vulnerability of the self.

CLOUDWOOL – Sustainable Innovations

In a time where natural wool is often imported and blended with synthetic fibers, Cloudwool relies on local resources and fights against the neglect of local sheep farmers' wool.

CO2 Tex – Sustainable innovations

CO2Tex stands out as a central project within BIOTEXFUTURE, focusing on CO2-containing thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) as an alternative to conventional elastane.

Diversity in Dynamics

But over time, our relationship with textiles has changed.


This technology opens up extremely exciting possibilities.

A cultural heritage – Sustainable Innovations

How and where are our roots? How can we reconnect with deep human values and ancient knowledge and skills?

Cooperation is key – Sustainable Innovations

Local and recycled: Enschede Textielstad was founded in 2013 by Annemieke Koster to create responsibly produced fabrics from recycled yarns and local raw materials such as flax, hemp and wool for apparel and interior textiles.

Circularity is key – Sustainable Innovations

The focus here is on circularity: it is about the recyclability of the material; a product made by Studio Sarmite can be dissolved at the end of its life and the textile fibres can be used for the next production cycle.

Next Generation Material – Sustainable Innovations

Bio-based, locally produced, on demand: that's MYCOTEX by NEFFA – a flexible material whose properties lie somewhere between leather, plastic and artificial leather

Drawn by the sun – Sustainable Innovations

The textiles have the peotic power of tracing time. The changes in the colours make the ageing process visible and make transience a subject of discussion – spiritual as well as material.