New Season Ushers in New Theme, Topics and Trends

It is time once more to reveal the new key visual which marks the start of a new season here at Munich Fabric Start. Over the last couple of months our team has uniquely interpreted and defined the trends and theme of our next show taking place February 4-6 2020. Read more about how trends are made at Munich Fabric Start 

Here we offer the first interpretations of the upcoming Spring.Summer 2021 season titled, THRIVABILITY which presents a season of flourishing respect for fashion, nature and people. Thrivability invites us both together and as individuals to focus on a higher level of quality and to shape our global and individual future with enthusiasm and confidence. The season Spring.Summer 21 surrounds itself by an aura of dynamic waves, radiates with evolutionary, energetic sustainability and shimmers in social, biological diversity.

The rapidly growing trend towards ecology allows a new entrepreneurial spirit of holistic awareness to flourish. It serves the customer’s longing for knowledge, creates transparency and stimulates textile education towards all directions. Continuous innovations and classic fashion trends are deep-rooted in an altruistic, inspiring way of thinking, they cultivate a progressive reorientation in the fields of materials, fashion and design.

Monsieur-T denim and graphic designer, Lucie Germser has over 20 years of experience in our industry and has beautifully represented the theme of the new season.

You’re invited to attend MUNICH FABRIC START, where more than 1000 suppliers will present more than 1800 collections for Fabrics and Additionals for Spring.Summer 2021.

MUNICH FABRIC START: 4-6 February 2020

BLUEZONE: 4-5 February 2020

Swiss Jeans Freak X Candiani Collaboration

Ruedi Karrer, also known as the Swiss Jeans Freak is the founder of the world’s first independent Jeans Museum and a prominent member of the denim community.

Ruedi has partnered with Candiani Denim to realize a lifelong dream of creating a limited-edition collection of 60 pieces. A special collaboration and passion project to commemorate his 60th Birthday, the jeans were unveiled at BLUEZONE during the current MUNICH FABRIC START in September along with a promotional short film celebrating Ruedi’s unwavering passion and devotion to denim.

The limited-edition collection was designed by Ruedi, engineered by Candiani and manufactured 100% in Italy by IMJIT. The revenue from sales will contribute to the development of the Jeans Museum in Zurich.

Watch the short video to learn more about this project:

Strong Themes, Progressive Formats & New Areas

MUNICH FABRIC START with BLUEZONE, KEYHOUSE and the individual presentations of over 1,000 international suppliers of fabrics and additionals once again sets new standards in concept forecasting. The current format has been expanded, complemented and deepened in terms of both quality and quantity. On September 3-5 2019, a broad spectrum of fabrics, additionals, prints or denim, manufacturing services and a supporting programme will be on offer to the 20,000 trade visitors expected in Munich, offering unprecedented dimensions of information and inspiration.

‘Over the last few years we have successively expanded the exhibition space. We have supplemented BLUEZONE with the CATALYZER, the KEYHOUSE is successfully established as a think tank and now, we will relaunch the ever essential area of SOURCING. With this evolved structure we are focused on the strategic approach of showcasing new fields of inspiration in a unique, exclusive and appropriate setting. We look forward to presenting three trade fair days with an unparalleled range of products and topics, offering the industry many new products, innovative process solutions and cutting-edge material resources.’
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START


  • Trend Presentations take on a brand new form in the MOC.
  • – The ReSOURCE Area in front of Hall 4, Area K4, has once again been extended and establishes itself as the centre for sustainable fabrics and additionals with proven expertise and know-how.
  • – A special opening will be the SOURCING Area in the newly opened Hall 8, directly opposite the MOC.
  • – The KEYHOUSE, as a think tank of MUNICH FABRIC START, spans the fashion spectrum from technology to sustainability, from digitalisation to new material resources and manufacturing processes, offering a wealth of cutting-edge research projects, inspiring collaborations and high-tech product and process developments.
  • – Future-oriented: the new SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS Forum at KEYHOUSE, curated by Simon Angel.
  • – The ALL RELATED COLLAB PROJECT by BLUEZONE is an innovative concept for future collaborations and network cooperation.
  • The HighTex Award will be presented for the 7th time. The MUNICH FABRIC START Innovation Prize honours outstanding initiatives and commitment in the fields of intelligent process solutions, innovative highlights, biotech, digitalisation and sustainable innovations.
  • – The start of the side event program will mark the start of the fair on Tuesday 3rd of September, SusTECHability – HOW TRENDS & TECHNOLOGY INFLUENCE SUSTAINABILITY IN FASHION with an expert panel.
  • – In the afternoon on the 3rd of September Li Edelkoort will introduce the latest shapes, textiles and colours for Autumn Winter 20/21 in an exclusive trend presentation. Providing the first glimpse of the colours for Spring Summer 21 and point to the comeback of Casual Wear with Recreation.

BEYOND AWARE – Global trend

BEYOND AWARE, the overarching trend theme for Autumn 20/21 analyses the multi-layered levels of awareness on different planes of perception – personal, global, regional, mental, rational, emotional and transcendental. It’s all about self-awareness and contemplating the status quo. BEYOND AWARE stands for a new way of thinking and rethinking that goes far beyond our previous understanding of fashion.
It’s about more than just fashion!
BEYOND AWARE calls for the observation and very responsive reaction to the changes in consumer and clothing habits – one that is dynamic, attentive and bold. Combined with the demand for change in trends as well as values, which is currently manifested in two ideological concepts. On one hand is Bold Expressions presents an individual, very enthusiastic lifestyle and fashion style. On the other hand is Forward Ethics for conscious, responsible consumption. Two very different concepts that polarise and attract attention. The affirmation of BEYOND AWARE.


Winter fabrics will feature woolly, new-twist classics, comfort and aesthetics coupled with modern casualness. Most manufacturers are now focusing their collections on sustainably produced goods and processes. Sustainability has become a natural part of the upstream stage. New consumer awareness and transparency have led to fundamental shifts. Both in fabrics as well as colours trends, not least in the styles expected. More than 800 international fabric suppliers hosted in the FABRICS areas at MUNICH FABRIC START will demonstrate the versatile and individual ways this trend can be understood and translated. Sometimes progressive, classic or sporty, sometimes masculine or with new femininity. Often with a voluminous, soft finish. But always with the greatest possible lightness.
Perfectly coordinated buttons, striking zippers, decorative rhinestone appliqués, individually designed labelling. The latest creations for buttons, ribbons, decorative stones, fasteners, lace, embroidery and labels will be presented by over 200 leading international suppliers of additionals and accessories for Autumn Winter 20/21 in the ADDITIONALS Area of MUNICH FABRIC START.

Design Studios
Inspiring print designs and creative energy are provided by the most important international textile designers and trend agencies hosted in the DESIGN STUDIOS at MUNICH FABRIC START on the firstFLOOR. Setting impulses for future prints, always in search of the special and truly unique.

The launch of the SOURCING Area in the new Hall 8 of the recently opened Business Club Munich opposite the MOC provides direct connection to MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE. Over 80 international apparel manufacturers and producers will be showcasing their services for womenswear, menswear, accessories, corporate, couture and tailored segments among others, at this independent and suitable space thus meeting the growing demand for manufacturing services.

‘The idea of this new segment is based on creating an inspiring and efficient atmosphere in a contemporary and high-quality setting. And thus also a unique environment for network communication and work. With the new SOURCING area we can now map the textile supply chain at one location in Munich.’
Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START

The exhibiting companies include established manufacturers from Portugal, Tunisia, Morocco, Italy, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hong Kong among others.

>> Check Brand List

Awareness of ecologically sustainable certificates and seals of quality is on the rise. With ReSOURCE, MUNICH FABRIC START has established a broad sourcing platform that provides sustainable solutions for innovative and future-oriented production processes. Supported and established by experts, the forum offers concrete solutions informing visitors about relevant developments and the latest standards through a series of seminars and lectures, in a bid to bring together potential cooperation partners. In Area K3/4 of Hall 4, ReSOURCE will be showcasing over 600 innovative articles certified and/or produced in an environmentally friendly way.

In the emerging circular economy of the future, nothing is treated as waste. What is left over from one process becomes input to another, so keeping it circualting. Refibra technology gives a second life to pre-consumer cotton waste from garment manufacturing – which would otherwise be sent to landfills or incinerated – by upcycling it into brand new cellulosic fiber materials for clothing and home products. In a special installation, Lenzing will showcase closed-loop recycling with its complete production process for TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ at the ReSOURCE area.

Through personal discussions on site, visitors can learn key details about the respective certificates and seals directly from the responsible certification organisations and institutes. The entire portfolio of innovations shown in the ReSOURCE Area is available all year round on the new website:


The ALL RELATED Collab Project

In the ever-changing denim industry, weaving mills, producers and manufacturers are now more than ever in direct contact with consumers and need to develop their marketing and communication skills in a way akin to jeans brands. Until recently, an invisible border separated the players in the jeans industry from end consumers. Today’s open-minded and curious customers now demand transparency not only from brands, but also from producers. At the same time, brands are transferring more and more responsibility. It is precisely in this interactivity that the new connection for interaction with end consumers lies.
Blockchain, transparent distribution concepts and social media together build new standards that the industry itself must set. Weaving mills and manufacturers are part of an ALL RELATED chain of global value shifts in society.

‘With BLUEZONE as one of the largest international denim trade fairs, a platform has been created that brings together experts who are invited to pass on their know-how. This is where networking takes on a new dimension. New communication channels, transparent production chains and changing consumer behaviour present the denim industry with fundamental challenges, but at the same time also offer great opportunities for a future-oriented BLUE Industry’
Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START

“With the ALL RELATED COLLAB Project we go one step further. This project is an unprecedented initiative whereby 23 BLUEZONE exhibitors have joined forces with designers to create an innovative vision of denim.”
Lucie Germser, Head of Communication & Design,

The ALL RELATED COLLAB PROJECT at BLUEZONE is a central showcase of how future collaborations can and will look like. This powerful initiative pools creativity, cooperation, transparency and responsibility. International designers, fabric suppliers, additionals manufacturers and producers have split up into 8 teams and realised their vision of a sustainable denim silhouette.


Designers, weavers, producers and washers work together to create trend-related outfits in a transparent and eco-friendly manufacturing process. Each designer selects one of the eight trend themes and creates an outfit with their own unique interpretation of fabrics, treatments and trims.


LONG LASTING : A highlight for durable and slow denim products that helps to reduce over consumption.

DENIM BORDERLINE : A fashion territory where denim and non-denim shake hands.

URBAN ZULU : Tribal and African accents in an urban environment.

SARTORIAL ANGLE : On a journey to exact, tailor-made denims – where tradition meets the future.

JUVENILE AWKWARD : Generation Z has its own beauty codes, especially when it comes to design & denim, discover the beauty of awkward aesthetics.

ROCKERS DELIGHT : You thought the rock’n’roll taste is only a has-been? Luxury brands prove that it’s not true.

TEXT ME : Denim with a message, a message that is LOUD! Handwritten, printed, painted, woven or embroidered – make your statements!

GENDER FREEDOM : Ladies denim for men, men’s denim for women. The new future for gender freedom.

Get up close and personal with BLUEZONE, one of the world’s largest denim shows featuring over 100 leading international denim & sportswear suppliers for Fabrics and Additionals.

You’re invited to attend MUNICH FABRIC START, where more than 1000 suppliers will present more than 1800 collections for Fabrics and Additionals for Autumn.Winter 20/21.

BLUEZONE: 3-4 of September 2019
MUNICH FABRIC START: 3-5 of September 2019

What to Expect From Munich Fabric Start

There is less than one week to go until we kick off the new season! We want to let you know what you can expect from MUNICH FABRIC START when you arrive in Munich on September 3-5.

International Brands
At MUNICH FABRIC START around 1.000 international exhibitors from 40 countries will present over 1.800 collections, including a comprehensive range of fabrics, trims and additionals, fabric finishing and manufacturing solutions, thus ensuring the proficiency and professionalism demanded by more than 20,350 trade visitors. We work with established specialists from all over the world who are ready to business on a global scale.

MFS provides an ideal opportunity for networking, the three day preview textile fair is guaranteed to be full of like-minded fashion and textile professionals. It is a great place to meet and exchange with new and existing partners who are also there to strengthen their business relationships and look for new opportunities.

Designs for the season
In addition to the new collections and previews on showcase for the new season AW2020/2021, we also offer you the possibility to view the highlights for SS2020. It has become more important than ever to curate sustainable fashion pieces using select fabrics which will transcend the seasons, with this new edition of our trend forum, we explore the power of slow fashion and sustainability which comes as standard, demanded by the new kind of conscious consumers.

An Event Tailored to You
Every aspect of the show is designed and organised with your requirements as designer, buyer or product manager in mind. We have created spaces that are perfect for working, relaxing, reflecting and recharging. We serve fresh coffee, snacks and tasty food all day long and we also invite you to a fun and relaxing Munique Moods event during the evening of September 3rd.

Trend Forecasting
We are a reliable source for future trends and leading indicators of trend styles and consumer behaviour. Our dedicated trend forum will showcase a hand-picked selection of fabrics, additionals and denim articles which define the new Autumn.Winter 20/21 season, a must see for those developing their new collections! The new COLOUR CODE and TREND BOOK publication release for Autumn.Winter 20/21 is planned for early August.

There is still plenty time to register for Munich Fabric Start this September 3-5 in Munich, we can’t wait to see you!

Introducing the MUNICH FABRIC START App

We’re excited to announce the launch of the MUNICH FABRIC START app! We can’t wait for you discover the essential tool for your next trade fair visit with us.

Munich Fabric Start is reaching new dimensions! We believe that it has never been easier to track your trade fair visit and get organised. Check out our new app which is available to download on Google Play and Play Store and start your trade fair planning!



With our new app you will be able to plan your trade fair visit and personalise your stay with us. Making it even easier to plan your trade fair visit before, during and there even features for after the show, for reflecting on those special and important moments gathered during your time with us.

The app let’s you:

  • Check exhibitor details & hall maps quickly and directly
  • Use the detailed filter function to create a list of exhibitors to visit
  • Download your visitor ticket
  • Follow up with exhibitors
  • Add notes from your meetings
  • Learn more about show news & event highlights
  • Receive real time updates and notifications about the show

With the Scan feature, our visitors can scan track and update their visit by assigning notes and photographs to the exhibitors of their choice. Present at the next show on September 3-5, all exhibitors will be assigned a unique QR code that will connect directly to the notes section of our app. A particularly handy feature when our visitors experience anywhere between 15-40 meetings over the course of the 3 days.

With this, the first ever app launched by Munich Fabric Start, it can be promised that there is more in store for you as we continue to update and improve our app!

You’re invited to attend MUNICH FABRIC START, where more than 1000 suppliers will present more than 1800 collections for Fabrics and Additionals for Spring.Summer 21.

MUNICH FABRIC START: 4-6 of February 2020

An Introduction to the Events Program at MUNICH FABRIC START

The event program on offer at Munich Fabric Start is a reflection on the issues, strategies and common themes the industry as a collective are facing right now. Through a series of seminars, panel discussions and keynote talks, we are equipping our visitors with the necessary tools and know-how to grow their brand and business successfully during these times.

Discover the events which are tailor-made for your business, check out our complete event program and begin to plan your trade fair visit. Here are our highlights from each of our event platforms at Keyhouse, ReSource and Denim Dock.

Create Future at Keyhouse

TUESDAY 3rd of September

SusTECHability Panel Discussion
11.30am – 1.00pm
SusTECHability – How trends and technology influence sustainability in fashion.
With Li Edelkoort of Trend Union, Michael Stnaley-Jones of United Nations Environment Programme, Tricia Carey of Lenzing Fibers, Natasha Franck of EON Group Holdings and Erik Bang of H&M Foundation. Moderated by Jana Kern and Alex Vogt of KERN Consulting.

Swarovski Talk
2.00pm – 3.00pm
Trend Technik Design
With Dr Ralf Weinbeger and Christel Wickerath of Swarovski.

Li Edelkoort Trend Presentation
4.00pm – 6.30pm
BROWN AGE – Fashion, Shapes, Textiles and Colours for AUTUMN/WINTER 20/21
GREEN WAVE – New Colours for SPRING/SUMMER 2021
RECREATION – Casual Wear Trends and Colours
MEET & GREET – Drinks with Li Edelkoort

WEDNESDAY 4th of September
Fashnerd Panel
10.30am – 11.30am
Reshaping the Fashion Industry for good
With Muchaneta Kapfunde of FashNerd, Charney Magri of Fashion 4 Change and Do Epic Sh*t, Olivia Pinnock of The Fashion Debates and Abigail Morris of Compare Ethics.

EON Group
11.30am – 12.30pm
Circular ID – The Digital Foundation for Circular Economy
With Natasha Franck at EON Group Holdings and Maruschka Loubser of Brand Marketing and Partnerships Microsoft

5.00pm – 6.00pm
Break new ground with aniline-free indigo for denim
With Albert Llort of Global Competence Center Denim

THURSDAY 5th of September
FashNerd Keynote
11.00am – 12.00pm
From Seaweed to Fiber, Is Biology The Future of Fashion?
With Muchaneta Kapfunde of FashNerd

Taking place in the lecture area in Keyhouse, Hall 5.

Check out our event program for the full list of events taking place at Keyhouse

Let’s ReSource

TUESDAY 3rd of September
12.00pm – 1.00pm
Towards a circular economy – A fiber producer’s view
With Caroline Ledl of LENZING Group

WEDNESDAY 4th of September
1.00pm – 2.00pm
Sustainability leads to economic efficiency
With Dirk Schafer of Oeko-Tex

THURSDAY 5th of September
s.Oliver Group
1.00pm – 2.00pm
WE CARE – The Sustainable Program by s.Oliver Group
With Astrid Schodel of s.Oliver Group

Taking place in the lecture area in the MOC, ReSource k4 Area Foyer Hall 4.

Check out our event program for the full list of events taking place at ReSource

Let Them Know at Denim Dock

TUESDAY 3rd of September
Panel Discussion

11.00am – 12.00pm
The Greendigo REvolution Panel Discussion
With Albert Llort of Archroma, Alberto Guzzetti of Tejidos Royo and Panos Sofianos, Denim Curator at Bluezone

12.00pm – 1.00pm
Meet the makers behind the future-proof premiere of collaboration and learn about the ALL RELATED trends
With Lucie Germset and Tilmann Wrobel of Monsieur T

WEDNESDAY 4th of September
Sportswear International Talk
4.00pm – 5.00pm
WOMEN IN DENIM – How The Power of Woman Can Change The Denim World
With Sabine Kuhnl of Sportswear International, Lucie Germser of Monsieur T

2.00pm – 3.00pm
How to be yourself as a brand
With Tilmann Wrobel of Monsieur-T

Taking place in the elevated lecture area, Denim Dock, in the Bluezone Hall 7

Check out our event program for the full list of events taking place at Denim Dock

Get up close and personal with BLUEZONE, one of the world’s largest denim shows featuring over 100 leading international denim & sportswear suppliers for Fabrics and Additionals.
You’re invited to attend MUNICH FABRIC START, where more than 1000 suppliers will present more than 1800 collections for Fabrics and Additionals for Autumn.Winter 20/21.

BLUEZONE: 3-4 of September 2019
MUNICH FABRIC START: 3-5 of September 2019

Sustainability Has Become an Ethical Mindset at Officina+39

Inspired by artisanal tradition in Italy, Officina+39 is an innovative chemical company based in Bella, Italy. It is the result of 30 years of experience in research and chemical application in the textile sector. Officina+39 focuses on the development and implementation of new and sustainable ideas for the denim industry and environmentally friendly dyeing processes.

Officina means workshop in Italian, but it also stands for passion, innovation, sustainable practices, transparency and social responsibility. Looking to the future, the company combines tradition with modern products and technologies. Their latest process developments will be presented on the 3rd to the 5th of September at KEYHOUSE.

TRUSTAINABLE™: Respect and commitment become an ethical mindset. In production control, Officina+39 ensures the use of less hazardous chemicals, minimizing the impact of surrounding environments, recycling waste, reducing power usage and water conservation. Officina+39 sees one of the greatest challenges in creating transparency. That’s what TRUSTAINABLE ™ stands for.

NEBUDYE: WATER-FREE Vintage Colouring

NEBUDYE is an innovative process used in combination with selected dyes to create original vintage colouring. This makes NEBUDYE one of the world’s first waterless dyeing processes with the nebulization systems. So far, only a non-uniform appearance was possible with the fogging systems (comparable to the cold pigmentation CPD). NEBUDYE opens up new possibilities in textile dyeing technology. NEBUDYE guarantees a perfect penetration into the garments and ensures a uniform vintage style.

SMART BLEACH: Water-saving bleaching technology

SMART BLEACH is an innovative bleaching technology for Nebulization systems. This innovative technology was specially developed to replace the traditional chlorine (or potassium permanganate) used in denim bleaching in washing machines. By using SMART BLEACH with misting systems, it is possible to bleach indigo denim and black denim to reduce water consumption by 90%.
SMART BLEACH can be used in combination with NOVASTONE NEBU, a new enzyme certified by Novozymes DeniSafe®, which ensures the safe use of enzymes in new low-pressure washing machines with mist technology. SMART BLEACH can also be done with a new biodegradable REDUCER KM ECO neutralizer.

You’re invited to attend MUNICH FABRIC START, where more than 1000 suppliers will present more than 1800 collections for Fabrics and Additionals for Autumn.Winter 20/21.

MUNICH FABRIC START: 3-5 of September 2019

The Blue Tape by JCBM

Predicting upcoming trends is all about context, society and art’s observation and analysis. As young talents are recently drawing their inspiration from the 80’s, Bluezone has decided to follow this specific path and offer to its visitors 80’s dedicated cool gifts. THE BLUE TAPE is 45 minutes of 80’s inspired Electro, exclusively composed by JCBM for Bluezone and recorded on a real tape, just like in the good old days. Julien C.B.M Berland is a French multi-instrumentalist record producer, specialized in arrangement, composition and music production. Remotely from the vibrant Lisbon scene he accompanies artists with his palette of electronic instruments to develop their sound as well as crafting soundscapes to an array of bespoke needs. “Future Thread”, “Plastic Ocean”, “Cyan Fire”… his tracks’ message is all about Denim & Sustainability.

THE BLUE TAPE by JCBM is also available to download at and

The Blue Tape (Bluezone x Munich Fabric Start)
Remote Record Producer, Arranger, Composer, Production Engineer, Pianist, Guitarist, Percussionist, Synthesizer & Drum Machine Explorer _ Personal projects: @LarryQuest @BlindPatterns Half of @LEFA

Soundcloud – Profile

Soorty: Innovative and Sustainable

Soorty, as a pioneer in technological advances, resource-saving processes as well as state of the art production methods and denim innovations, presents a range of new technological developments for the new Autumn.Winter 20/21 season. The Pakistani denim manufacturer has already received the HighTex Award, the innovation prize at MUNICH FABRIC START, for their overall strategic, responsible and sustainable corporate policy.

One of the key topics at Soorty is FIX-D, one of the world’s first waterless textile dyeing technologies. FIX-D was developed at the NASDA Innovation Lab and expanded with Soorty Denim Mill & Soorty Garment Factories. FIX-D ensures a sustainable and environmentally friendly finishing process due to extremely fast dyeing solutions.
In addition, Soorty offers a range of timeless classics with authentic laser-based vintage washes.
Also in a vintage look are rustic denim types as ‘Neo Pioneers‘ with classic twill weave in various winter white colours, from clear white to elegant ecru.

In a new collaboration with Lola Poelio, the denim specialist launch the collection Lola x Roxy for Soorty, with a new approach to the recycling of textile remnants. Playful, colourful and in a young look. The capsule collection is made only from resourced materials, wastage fabrics and rejected samples as well as other resourced materials.

The focus for Autumn.Winter 20/21 is also on recycling. As the owner of a state-of-the-art recycling facility, Soorty increasingly also uses leftover industrial waste within its product range. The recycled denim fabrics from Soorty have different blending ratios that can range from 5% to 25%, and in individual cases far more. This results in fabrics with various material combinations, weight classes and elasticity levels that meet the target groups’ specific demands in terms of look and feel of the new collection.

Get up close and personal with BLUEZONE, one of the world’s largest denim shows featuring over 100 leading international denim & sportswear suppliers for Fabrics and Additionals.

You’re invited to attend MUNICH FABRIC START, where more than 1000 suppliers will present more than 1800 collections for Fabrics and Additionals for Autumn.Winter 20/21.

BLUEZONE: 3-4 of September 2019
MUNICH FABRIC START: 3-5 of September 2019